"Wishing" -  An Ode to Humanity's Innate Desire for Love and Harmony


SHIV, the trailblazing band celebrated for their introspective and evocative musical journey, has unveiled their latest single, "Wishing." This soul-stirring track delves deep into the poignant themes of love, unity, and a collective yearning for a world free from the scars of war and despair.

In the spirit of John Lennon's timeless masterpiece "Imagine," "Wishing" emerges as a
modern-day ode to humanity's innate desire for love and harmony. Just as "Imagine"
resonated with generations past, "Wishing" carries forward a timeless message of hope
and a plea for a better tomorrow.

With profound lyricism and haunting melodies, SHIV's "Wishing" immerses listeners in a
journey through the heartache of war, the anguish of orphaned children, and the
enduring despair of loss. Lead vocalist Eddie Willer channels raw emotion into each
verse, crafting a vivid narrative of love's enduring strength amidst chaos and turmoil.
Joshua Elyashiv, the band's visionary songwriter and bassist, shares, " 'Wishing' is more
than a song; it's a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It's a plea for unity and
compassion in a world torn apart by conflict and division."

Inspired by real-world struggles and the resilience of the human soul, "Wishing" stands
as a testament to SHIV's mastery in blending poignant storytelling with powerful
instrumentation. This emotionally charged anthem invites listeners to reflect on their
own experiences, fostering empathy and a collective yearning for a brighter, more
harmonious future.

"Wishing" is now available for streaming on all major platforms, inviting audiences to
immerse themselves in its emotional depth and timeless message of love and unity. For
more information about SHIV and their music, including upcoming releases and tour
dates, visit their official website at www.shivband.com and connect with them on social
media via Facebook (@SHIVbandofficial) and Instagram (@shivbandofficial).