Ville S. Music Reviews

Young Fathers - Heavy Heavy


Tribal, hypnotic and catchy! This album feels like making you go into a trance on the dancefloor, not caring how you look or what you will do. There is something primal here!

Tiger Lou - Acts


'Acts' came after seven years since the previous album. It is full of emotion, fantastic guitar riffs and touching vocals. The Nordic melancholy will grab you fully.

Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!


Warm up because it is time to dance! The album is so groovy that it is impossible to stay still, even when writing this with the laptop on my lap.

Model/Actriz - Dogsbody


This is a wild debut album. It makes you breathless, scared and psychotic. The soundscape is cold and creates a hopeless feeling, but somehow, you still want to feel it repeatedly.

END - The Sin of Human Frailty

Don't try to predict anything while listening to this because you can't do it. Dynamics are in outstanding balance with the misery and pain but also with short breaks for breathing. One clear thing is that everything here is insane!


Surut - Unelma


Another fantastic debut for this year. The vocals in Finnish bring a nice and even exotic layer (for some). The album is full of emotion and what they are doing, they are doing with whole heart! This is a perfect combination of post metal, hardcore and black metal


M83 - Fantasy

dream pop, ambient, electronic dance music // @m83music

M83 has become gigantic in what he is doing. But at the same time, you never know what a new album will bring. Lucky for all of us, 'Fantasy' is a great package filled with amazing synths and a combination of electronic and organic worlds.

The Armed - Perfect Saviours

'The Armed' did it once again! They are one of those bands that are hard to predict. Their lighter approach compared to their earlier works was, at the same time, a surprise, but precisely what they would still do. 'Perfect Saviours' is full of amazing details, surprises and unique catchiness.

Joey Valence & Brae - PUNK TACTICS

old school hip hop, crossover rap // @jvbsucks

This is fun, punchy and will make you jump and bounce no matter the track. Combining fresh sound with a basic old school vibe is impressive and the flow is outstanding.

MC Yallah - Yallah Beibe

East African rap music should definitely get more international attention and 'Yallah Beibe' is a perfect example. The beats, including multiple East African elements with a solid electronic touch, sometimes even an industrial vibe, are a recipe that can't go wrong!