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Ville S. Music Reviews

SG Lewis - AudioLust & HigherLove

For the friends of: The Weeknd, M83, Robyn 
Genre: Synth-pop, electronic dance music
Year: 2023
Country: Australia
Favorite track(s): 'Another Life', 'Fever Dreamer' and 'Epiphany'
Emoji: 🕺
Random words: Neon lights
Instagram: @sglewis

Wow. 'Married in Mount Airy' is gloomy but beautiful. The voice of 'Nicole Dollanganger' makes everything so delicate. Listening to her voice feels like watching the thinnest and most fragile glass being handled with care. There is certain lo-fi touch in some of the songs, while at the same time, they are well produced and thought out.

'SG Lewis' previous album 'times' was full of groovy club bangers. This time the album is more varied, borrowing many elements from 80's club music. There are multiple slower songs with a melancholic feeling. Some songs remind of the French electro giant 'M83', the British groove of 'Jungle', and the legendary duo 'Daft Punk'. All this put together, 'SG Lewis' has been able to create its own excellent sound. Most of the songs are catchy and really easy to approach, but there are also some surprises like the almost nine-minute-long 'Epiphany' and the short 'Different Light' with the funny beat. The album is too long, and the package would be more impressive with the 2-3 songs being dropped out.

The God Fahim - Iron Bull

For the friends of:  Westside Gunn, Willie The Kid, ANKLEJOHN
Genre: hip hop, boom bap
Year: 2023
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Man Of Steel’, ’The Ladder’ and ’Let’s Make A Deal’
Emoji: 🦟
Random words: C-cassette
Instagram: @thadarkshogunn

This album is dope! Period! 23 minutes just pure blast of very stable hip hop with brilliant beats and amazing flow from ‘The God Fahim’. All the features are working perfectly. The mixing of the album is interesting and not the most ordinary. Many of the beats has elements that feel being just slightly out tune or beat but that’s the whole beauty of the album. Definitely one of the best hip hop albums in awhile!

slowthai - UGLY

For the friends of: IDLES, Denzel Curry, Sleaford Mods
Genre: experimental hip hop, post-punk, drill
Year: 2023
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Yum’, ’Selfish’ and ’Fuck It Puppet’
Emoji: 💊
Random words: squat
Instagram: @slowthai

Past few years, ’slowthai’ has been among the most innovative and interesting hip-hop artists. He has always breaking the barriers between different genres and with ‘UGLY’, he is doing it even more. The way he combines electronic beats, noise, multiple different subgenres from hip-hop and post-punk makes the album one of the best of the year. This might sound chaotic and hard to understand, but it all makes so much sense. ’UGLY’ is easily his strongest release yet!

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