Mason FX - Love Bender 

This is my @masonfx.pedals Lovebender. The workmanship is one of the best I have ever seen, from the wiring to the special touches on the casing.

It sounds amazing, looks amazing and is one of a kind. It’s a Bender with low end control.

I’ve gotten to know Curtis a bit during this build and I feel fortunate to have worked with him on his new branding. He is a top notch human, I know big things are to come. 🎛❤️🐈


In the words of the maker:

"I’ve been experimenting with durable fabric finishes and wanted to get your input. I did a few wraps on some of my old pcb builds so I’m not getting all the learning curve out of the way before trying one on something I’ll sell haha. I think this came out really nice. It’s just a time consuming process that’s going to add some cost."


According to Delicious Audio

This pedal adds a Bass control to the usual 2-knob configuration of the Tone Bender (Volume and Attak – i.e. Gain) to tame the effect’s low end. The attention to detail in the packaging is breathtaking, and as far as tone is concern, you can judge by yourself in the video below.



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