Nordic melancholy by Viila

Ville S. Music Reviews

Meet Viila, the fresh musical artist coming from the captivating landscapes of Finland. 'Viila' is previously known as the singer of the Finnish post-rock, shoegaze, dream pop band 'Mantaray,' and now stepping into the solo spotlight with the release of a mesmerizing double single - SOLHU/Akira.

In the track 'SOLHU,' Viila weaves an intriguing musical world, immediately drawing you in with its captivating beat. The soundscape is gentle, yet spiced up with distinctive synths that move in and out, reminiscent of the artistic vibes found in 'Rival Consoles,' 'Ben Lukas Boysen,' and 'Jon Hopkins.' The melancholic vocals, delivered in Finnish with a subtle background effect make this song pretty easy to approach. While a dash of more twists and tricks could add a bit of spice, the overall atmosphere is undeniably fitting.


On the flip side, 'Akira' unveils an ambient backdrop with Viila's steady vocals. The simplicity may be intentional, showcasing the artist's desired sound, yet a hint of something unexpected here and there could elevate the listening experience. Nevertheless, 'Akira' stands as a beautiful piece of work, enveloping listeners in a soothing ambiance.

In summary, Viila's debut release promises a lot. As we dip our toes into his musical journey, it's exciting to see and hear what the future holds for this interesting artist.

Photos by Ville Mäkeläinen / DEED Creative