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Ville S.
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Pö - Cociage


For the friends of // 'Aphex Twin', 'Metal Preyers', 'Rey Sapienz'
Genre // experimental electronic music, electronic noise, ambient
Country // Ghana / France
Favorite track(s) // 'The Harvest', 'Cociage' and ’Klafouti'
Emoji // 👤
Random words // claustrophobic

Further // The debut album by 'Pö' is hard to describe. It feels like you would be watching a horror movie that takes a choking hold on you. It is intensive, aggressive and leaves you cold. The whole soundscape is pretty war but still very well produced. The arrangements blend traditional folk music with noise and the electronic world. With this 'Pö' has created a pretty hypnotic, chaotic and captivating album. It might not feel very easy to listen to the album with one sit but I still strongly recommend doing it. I promise, you will find you from places that you have never before seen, heard and felt.

Malla - Fresko

For the friends of // ‘Moderat', 'Caribou', 'Honey Dijon' 
Genre // deep house, dance music
Country // Finland
Favorite track(s) // ’Fresko', 'Ollaan jossain kiinni' and 'Sumu'
Emoji // 🌗
Random words // sweat

Further // Around two years ago, the Finnish singer and artist 'Malla' released her self-titled debut album, which was a really fresh release in the Finnish music scene. Her house music with clear pop melodies was catchy and caught a lot of tension. The sophomore album 'Fresko' is slightly harder to approach.

It has a bit colder atmosphere, the beats are somewhat more distinctive and the production team has added many more club elements to the music. In my opinion, this is a great decision. It makes everything more exciting and stronger, durable and lasting. 'Fresko' will definitely be one of the best Finnish releases this year and it might even end up in the international club scene lists! At least, I hope so!

Jessie Ware - That! Feels Good!


For the friends of // ‘Jungle’, ‘Jamiroquai’, ‘Moloko’
Genre // neo soul, disco, pop-dance
Country // UK
Favorite track(s) // ’That! Feels Good!’, ‘Begin Again’, and ‘Freak Me Now’ 
Random words // velvet suit 

Further // ‘Jessie Ware’ has been making music already for around ten years that could be described to be something between electro pop and modern RnB. With this album, she has taken a new direction blending retro disco vibes, the late 90s/early 00s touch and a fresh neo soul feeling. And oh man, it is done so well! The vocals are nicely varied, super catchy and impressive but not too show-off. The arrangements with a lot of strings and the massive number of brilliant details make almost every song such interesting. Listening to the album makes you definitely dance, if not I think the problem is you, rather than the album!