A Gem in the Era Of Endless Entertainment: Sugar

Movies, series, and endless hours of short video content take up most of our time these days. How would you explain to someone from the past that we have so many entertainment options that we often ignore most of them? This is the era of entertainment, and we are mostly lost in a long list of curated content provided to us based on our searches and purchases. Recommending a show today is not easy because of the number of recommendations and endless lists of movies and shows that you "HAVE TO" check out. But tonight, we've picked something special!

In the music industry, a single catchy song on platforms like TikTok or Instagram has the power to transform the career of a creator or artist. It can lead to newfound success for those struggling to attract listeners on Spotify and other online platforms. However, many songs fail to reach an audience, and Spotify continues to receive countless releases that may never reach their intended audience.

Who has the power to change that? Well, on a massive scale, practically no one can. Even if you create a thousand playlists with 100 people each, there will still be songs that will never reach the right audience. However, in this era of entertainment, people like us, and people like you reading this right now, can do our best to spread good music and "entertain". Real entertainment comes from really good "content," as social media gurus like to call it.

So back to the show, tonight will be exploring the ingenious Apple show "Sugar", along with some of the most interesting music releases out there. This is one of the changes we were talking about, an article featuring a great show and even better music.

Feel free to listen to any of the albums/singles embeded in the article and let us know what you think on our Instagram page.