Marcus Barnes: A Great Artist In Orbit


The album this single is off of, was actually created because someone else happen to mention to me one day that I should try creating pop music. Before this project, I only made Christian worship music and classical music. A friend encouraged me and I ended up taking on the challenge and this is one of the finished results of that.

In case you're in the search of a well produced track with 80s vibes with some amazing production, you're in for a treat! An absolute bliss to find out artists like Marcus! 

The single and album, Constellations, has been a long journey to the finish line and there were many days where I almost gave up on it, but to see the day where these songs get to be shared with people and others can enjoy them too, is so exciting.


It's definitely been a major feeling of accomplishment, and even if no one even listens to the songs (please do though!), these songs are really for me and my creative outlet and honestly, just finishing them and having that feeling of accomplishment and that I didn't give on the project is truly enough.