Introducing: Lyo Ballantine

Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

At the moment you can find me on Instagram and TikTok. My own website will be online by the end of 2023.

Tell us a bit about your influences.

I guess Amy Lee and Kurt Cobain have influenced me a lot.

How did you start?

I started singing when I was in elementary school in the choir of church. 

How will artists be influenced by the rapid change in technology in the future in your opinion? What will change?

I'm sure streaming is the future, but also Vinyls are coming back again. I think when you're really into an artist or a Band you want to hold something in your hands.

What obstacles does an emerging artist have to face in our time?

Many fake "professionals", above all on Social Media, want to explain what you have to do. 

In what way, in your opinion, could someone get real fans?

Be honest, authentic, and follow your path. 

What are your goals? Where do you see yourself in five years?

I'm releasing an Ep at the beginning of 2024. That's where I put all my energy in right now. In 5 Years I see myself as a proud aunt showing my music to my nephews and nieces. If they like it, that's all I wanted.

What is your favorite movie? What would you suggest to our readers?

I'm one of the weird people that don't really watch movies. But I liked "shutter island" pretty much!

Tell us about your latest or upcoming release.

My upcoming ep will be released at the beginning of 2024. I wrote most of the songs when I was at psychiatric facilities. It helped a lot in processing what happened to me. It's like a diary but I also want to give hope to people that are going through something similar.

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