Married in Mount Airy - Turn The Car Around - Strays

Ville S. Music Reviews

Nicole Dollanganger - Married in Mount Airy


For the friends of: Lana Del Rey, Marissa Nadler, Mazzy Star
Genre: indie folk, gothic dreamp pop, singer-songwriter
Year: 2023
Country: Canada
Favorite track(s): ‘Married in Mount Airy', 'Dogwood' and 'Bad Man'
Emoji: 🍂
Random words: thin glass

Wow. 'Married in Mount Airy' is gloomy but beautiful. The voice of 'Nicole Dollanganger' makes everything so delicate. Listening to her voice feels like watching the thinnest and most fragile glass being handled with care. There is certain lo-fi touch in some of the songs, while at the same time, they are well produced and thought out.

The dynamics are brilliant with very delicate moments and parts that grow to heights. While 'Nicole Dollanganger's music could be described as simple singer-songwriter material, it's much more. It's far from the basic or typical model of the genre. There's just so much more.

Gaz Coombes - Turn The Car Around


For the friends of: Doves, Villagers, The Last Shadow Puppets
Genre: indie rock, baroque rock
Year: 2023
Country: UK
Favorite track(s):  ‘Don't Say It's Over', 'Long Live The Strange' and 'Turn The Car Around'
Random words: timeless

'Gaz Coombes' is not a newbie in the music scene. 'Turn The Car Around' is his fourth solo album, and before this, he had a long career with the legendary 'Supergrass'. The album has a lot of great nostalgic feelings from the early UK rock scene.

The songs are still very interesting and not boring at all. The arrangements are clever, catchy and easy to remember but still not too predictable.

Margo Price - Strays


For the friends of: First Aid Kit, Sheryl Crow, case/lang/veirs
Genre: country, americana
Year: 2023
Country: US
Favorite track(s): 'Light Me Up', 'Country Road' and 'Hell In The Heartland'
Emoji: 🌾
Random words: road trip

The 4th album by 'Margo Price' is a nice mixture of catchy pop tunes and vintage country sound. 'Price' has a perfect voice for the country slide guitars and telling stories. The album feels that it would be hard to think it is coming from anywhere other than the US. 'Strays' is not my ordinary piece of cake, but I still enjoy it with its organic touch.

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