Five interesting acts on Elektrolinna at Kesärauha festival

'Kesärauha' is starting this week! Elektrolinna (Electro Castle) is the new stage in the Kesärauha festival covering new and old electronic artists mostly from Finland. The stage will be in the Castle of Turku's inner yard. As Kesärauha defines Elektrolinna, "it's like a rave during the Middle Ages". 
Here are five interesting acts that Indiefferential and Cuberat recommend checking out from the Elektrolinna stage.


For the friends of: Ellen Allien, Huoratron, Helena Hauff
Genre: trance, techno
Country: Finland

'Detalji' is a Helsinki-based artist who is dedicated to the local club culture. 'Detalji' combines trance, techno, and dreamy pop elements and all this creates a pretty dynamic and varied package that will definitely leave no one cold. Her melancholic music has been awarded in Finland's Femma gala as 'electronic artist of the year'.


For the friends of: Lucci Minati, Agents Of Time, Dorothys Fortress
Genre:  synthwave techno, synth pop, minimal techno
Country: Finland

'Katerina' combines multiple elements of different electronic music genres and also from other music styles, creating interesting soundscapes. The Finnish-Bulgarian artist has been involved in the electronic music scene for a long time in Finland and is familiar to many e.g. From the Helsinki's 'Kaiku Klubi'. 'Katerina' is able to create an atmosphere that keeps the audience in the grip from start to finish.


For the friends of: Eli Brown, Faithless, Jon Gurd
Genre: techno, house, deep house
Country: Finland

'nghtrdio' is a Finnish electro duo formed by 'Oskari' and 'Tsaar' who have their roots in indie music. The duo has released only two tracks in Spotify, but both of them are such huge bangers, that they promise a lot. If the whole 45-minute festival slot is as catchy as 'Bolt' and 'Fake the Funk' the crowd will be going wild! Their melancholic sound has a resemblance to 00's British club sound which feels same time nostalgic and fresh in Finnish music scene.

Stella Explorer

For the friends of:
 Tricky, Moby, Lykke Li
Genre: trip hop, ambient dream pop
Country: Sweden

'Stella Explorer's music is hard to put in one box or genre, but few words to describe her music would be atmosphere, melancholia, and the night sky. 'Stella Explorer' includes beautiful lyrics and vocals to the hypnotizing beats and even some ambient soundscapes. Even though her music sounds pretty etheric it will also definitely make people dance. Maybe it's her Swedish-South African heritage that affects her music to be hard to categorize.

"X-Rust Presents"

For the friends of:
Country: Finland

On Sunday 'Kesärauha' is teaming up with 'X-Rust', which is a non-profit organization concentrating on keeping the electronic music and the culture around it alive and kicking in Finland. On Sunday there will be 5 hours of electronic music from deep techno to synth pop and IDM to disco. Four sets by 'Kalle Karvanen & Matti Turunen', 'Maria Soini', 'Dora Gray' and 'Burdock & John Major' will keep the crowd's dance feet busy.

Other artists in 'Elektrolinna are DJ legend 'Jori Hulkkonen', the lofi master of disco and dance beats, 'Ty Roxy', 'Rony Rex & Orion', the core influencers of the Finnish club music scene, 'Inkara', known for personal sound and experimental beats, producer-musician 'Knife Girl', DJ duo 'Aaron Maple & Miro-Benji', a real music enthusiast 'Krash Bandicute' and the 'Electronic Market' including Suski, Emma Valtonen and Elisa Katariina.

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