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We also have a support page where you can buy us a coffee (5$) and you can have a full page every month just for your projects on every printed issue (3-4 per month). Perks:

  1. We add your music to our Spotify playlists
  2. We add your bio and music under the "Artists" & "Spotlight" section on our website 
  3. We add your photo at the end of every post on our social media
  4. Full page featuring your photos and bio with a QR code leading to your music


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New Tier Available (5$ per month)

  • We feature your projects in a full page in our magazine and every printed publication (2-3 every month)

  • A double page is 10$ per month

  • Promo at the end of every Instagram, Facebook & TikTok post of Indiefferential (1-2 every day)


  • We recommend your music on our website under the Artists section

  • Every member, no matter the tier they join, gain access for their projects to Indiefferential Spotlight. A QR code leading to this page is available on stickers that are distributed worldwide, placed in various clubs in Europe, on T-Shirts which aim to promote artists worldwide and on every magazine and publication we print. 





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