Wolfbrigade - Anti-Tank Dogs EP - Track By Track Review

Ville S. Music Reviews

For the friends of: Victims, Disfear, Martyrdöd
Genre: hardcore punk, crust punk, D-beat
Year: 2022
Favorite track(s): 'Brain-Ruler' and ’Necronomium'
Emoji: 💣
Random words: bulldozer

Since the band's formation in 1995 (then under the moniker Wolfpack), 'Wolfbrigade' has become a cult band in the worldwide hardcore-punk scene. 'Wolfbrigade' has etched a sound that draws from D-beat with the crushing intensity of death metal. Seven albums in and more than two decades touring worldwide and the band is not showing signs of slowing down.

The crushing new three-track EP 'Anti-Tank Dogs' is a 12-minute stormer reminding of how these Swedes have remained relevant. Heavy as hell, a metal-tinged Discharge-meets-Motörhead pounding out three tracks of their downtuned D-beat devastation.

'Anti-Tank Dogs'
The track starts with a simple riff that shows the way to the fast double pedals and angry vocals. This combo reminds of Motörhead a bit. The heavy metal train continues going on until a slightly slower 2-step part with a short solo part. After the solo, the vocals take a new direction with the low death metal vibe. The whole track is a pretty basic crust punk track but the sounds and mixing are much better than with most of this genre.

Another fast crust punk track with full throttle. The explosion sound effect is great after the intro. The vocals are again raw and powerful. I actually like the way how 'Mikael Dahl' uses his voice. Same time it's clear and easy to understand what he sings, but it's still super nasty. The guitar solo brings a nice addition to the track which could use one more different part to have more dynamics. The echo effect on the vocals works really nicely.

This track is a nice variation from the two previous ones. Actually, I would have put this track either as the opener or in the middle of those other tracks.  The guitar riff, in the beginning, has a hard rock vibe as well as later the simple chord changes. With less distortion and higher tuned vocals, this track could be an ordinary rock song made by some stadium hard rock band. But I really like how the band has made the song sound so massive and distorted. The guitar solo and especially the end of it is so great that I wished it to last longer. 

These tracks are some of the best crust punk I have heard in a while. Many times the bands from this genre sound too "lo-fi" and are not being produced at all, but 'Anti-Tank Dogs' definitely sounds badass and makes you mosh in your living room.

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