Ten acts to check out at Kesärauha festival

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The first festival coverage by Indiefferential is happening. We are very happy to announce that our magazine will cover the European Kesärauha festival in Turku. Our emissary is none other than Ville Saarni (@cube_rat) who knows the European scene very well and will cover all the acts of the festival. Ville suggests 10 acts to check out at Kesärauha festival. At the same time a playlist with tracks of artists who will be participating in the festival is available on Spotify. 

DJ Shadow

For the friends of: RJD2, Cut Chemist, DJ Krush
Genre: hip hop, trip-hop, turntablism
Country: US

'Joshua Paul Davis' better known by his stage name 'DJ Shadow', is an artist. He first gained notice with the release of his acclaimed debut studio album, Endtroducing, which has become a hip-hop classic. ' Endtroducing' was the first completely sampled album in the World. He has a personal collection of more than 60,000 records. 'Shadow' has been working with huge names like 'Run The Jewels', 'UNKLE', and 'Zack de la Rocha'. If you have never seen 'DJ Shadow' and you are in 'Kesärauha' you can't miss this!


For the friends of: The Hives, Kvelertak, Refused
Genre: hardcore punk, melodic punk, indie rock
Country: Norway

'Honningbarna' (in English: "The Honey Children") is a punk rock band from Kristiansand, Norway, known for performing lyrics in the local Kristiansand dialect. The band has been playing since 2010. Their aggressive music and wild stage performances (including cello!) have been building their reputation and fanbase. The band released their latest and sixth album 'Animorphs' which will definitely be one of the albums of the year on Cuberat list.

José González

For the friends of: Kings of Convenience, Villagers, Damien Jurado
Genre:indie folk, acoustic, singer-songwriter
Country: Sweden / Argentina

'José González' has his roots in hardcore and rock music but in 2003 he released his debut solo album 'Veneer'. His soft voice and the way of playing acoustic guitar mesmerized the crowds everywhere. Even though 'José González' has been making and playing music for almost 20 years, he has only released three albums and one live album. For him, it's not about quantity but quality! Based on the two times that I have seen him live previously I can very warmly recommend to go and enjoy his lovely performance.


For the friends of: Jamiroquai, The Avalanches, Caribou
Genre: funkadelic, nu disco
Country: UK

Jungle was founded by Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland. The pair became friends when they were nine years old, living next door to each other in Shepherd's Bush, London. While performing, the band expands to seven members creating amazing and soulful dance vibes. The band has been growing bigger and bigger since 2013. In March 2021 the band released their third and latest album 'Loving in Stereo' which was recommended by Cuberat. The band has been busy touring and playing shows in such venues and festivals as Glastonbury, Roskilde, Primavera, Flow, and London's Brixton Academy.


For the friends of: The Hellacopters, Raidat, The Hives
Genre : rock, action rock, garage rock
Country: Finland

Kissa is probably the most dangerous rock act at the moment but at the same time one of the softest. Their music is full of incredible guitar solos, they don't take life and music too seriously and have full speed on with their awesome 70s'/80's glam rock visuals. Sweat, leather, and sunglasses, that's what is waiting for you with Kissa's kickass show! The debut album 'Vaarallinen bändi' was recommended by Cuberat.

Louie Blue

For the friends of: Jesse Markin, The Weeknd, Childish Gambino
Genre: neo soul, elektro pop, modern RnB
Country: Finland

'Louie Blue' from the city of Turku has been teasing the crowds since 2020 with his debut release 'Notes' which was a huge surprise from the Finnish music scene and was recommended by Cuberat. 'Notes' had a really fresh sound with modern RnB and neo soul touch. After 'Notes' the artist has been releasing multiple singles and finally, the debut album 'DIVISION 8' came out in March 2022. The new album contains more hip hop tunes and for everyone, it will definitely be interesting to see how 'Louie Blue' performs live in front of his home crowd!


For the friends of: Moloko, Modjo, Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Genre: house, chillwave
Country: Finland

'Malla Malmivaara' has been releasing music with multiple different projects and in early 2021 she released the debut album with a new name 'Malla' which was also recommended by Cuberat. The album was something that is pretty rare to hear in Finland. The very cool, slightly echoey, and distant house music vibe with beautiful vocals will definitely make people dance. The Finnish lyrics and vocals add another nice Nordic touch to 'Malla's music. Train your coolest dance moves and polish the dance shoes!


For the friends of: Ruudolf, A Tribe Called Quest, Ice Cube
Genre: hip hop
Country: Finland

'Kalle ”Koo” Havumäki' is a Finnish rap artist, media persona and radio host. His music brings a smile to your face. Through his persona and music, he has been advocating multiple things like human rights and disability inclusion. He has released one full length album 'Koon maailma'. He was supposed to perform in multiple Finnish summer festivals during 2020 but everything was canceled because of Covid. Now it's time for him to show his stage presence and let people enjoy his music!

Ty Roxy

For the friends of: The Knife, Ladytron, Planningtorock
Genre: synth pop, electro pop
Country: Finland

Disco and dance music from the 80s' is here. 'Ty Roxy' is not following what others are doing and has clearly their own way of doing things. The lo-fi feeling combined with dance tunes creates a warm feeling which invites everybody to the party. Same time everything with 'Ty Roxy' seems not too polished but also very well thought out. She has built her own world around her music.

Viagra Boys

For the friends of: shame, Fontaines D.C., Protomartyr
Genre: hip hop
Country: Finland

'Viagra Boys' have been releasing music only since 2016 but already somebody could call them post-punk legends. Their albums have got a lot of praise while the band is same time looking like they don't take things too seriously. Especially their second full-length album 'Welfare Jazz' was praised by many. The band is known for their fierce live shows, and most probably together with 'Honningbarna' they will fight for the title of the most energetic show of Kesärauha festival.

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