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Röyksopp - Profound Mysteries

For the friends of: Moderat, Robyn, The Chemical Brothers
Genre: dance music, electronic, chill
Year: 2022
Country: Norway
Favorite track(s): ‘The Ladder’, ‘This Time, This Place…’ and ‘If You Want Me’
Random words: clouds 

‘Röykksopp’ is back after 8 years. The new album follows the same line as their previous albums combining electronic dance rhythms with instrumental elements like electronic guitars and some percussions. The album is pretty varied with songs that are super laid back, atmospheric, and chill, while some are great for the dance floor. Either side of the album, everything sounds great. What the album is slightly lacking is the specific character and the ways how it stands out. Still, without this minor weakness, it is worth listening to and giving it multiple repeats.

Moderat - MORE D4TA

For the friends of: Röyksopp, Bonobo, Apparat
Genre: dance music, electronic, chill, edm
Year: 2022
Country: Germany
Favorite track(s): ‘DRUM GLOW’, ‘NEON RATS’, and ‘MORE LOVE’
Emoji: 📊
Random words: safe

‘Moderat’ has been quiet for some time, but now they are here with the new album. ‘MORE D4TA’ was one of the most anticipated albums this year for me. To be honest, I am slightly disappointed with the result. It’s not a bad album, but it lacks some roughness and atmosphere, which ‘Moderat’ has been strong with the previous albums. There are a few individual diamonds on the album which have brilliant soundscape and interesting details. In a way, the album feels a bit too produced and very well thought out, and for that reason, it lacks some surprises. It would be nice to hear others' opinions about the album.

Eli Brown - Believe EP

For the friends of: Faithless, Mateusz Prusik, Underworld
Genre: techno, house
Year: 2022
Country: UK
Favorite track(s): All of them but especially 'Believe'
Emoji: 🌚
Random words: speed 

Quite recently, I have been trying to find good techno/house music with a high tempo and a somewhat darker and melancholic feeling. I am not a specialist in the genre and would like to learn more, but the three tracks on 'Believe' really fill this gap that I have been facing. The tracks are not just full of bass, different drops, and dynamics, but they are full of atmosphere and feelings. But the dynamics as well are working nicely. The way how the self-titled track 'Believe' is slowly built is excellent, and the moment when the male vocals appear is just brilliant as well when the simple melody stands out. ’Avenger’ has a great soundscape with very classic sounding techno synths. ‘Addicted’ is the most aggressive of all three tracks, including pretty hectic and hypnotic touch. Let m hear more of this sound soon!

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