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The Districts - Great American Painting

For the friends of:
Holy Holy, Modest Mouse, U2
Genre: indie rock
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘No Blood', 'White Devil' and 'Hover'
Emoji: 🕶
Random words: neon lights 

'The Districts' released a pretty amazing album 'You Know I'm Not Going Anywhere' two years ago and I was happy to notice their brand new album 'Great American Painting'. Because the previous album was so good I had high hopes for the new album. 'GAP' is good but for some reason, it does not reach the heights of the previous one. It is not bad still, don't get me wrong, not at all. The bar was just so high! 'GAP' is full of great melodies and the vocals are nicely varied in many ways. What is new compared to the previous album is the certain distant '80s vibe and some of the electronic stuff that the band has added to the arrangements.  

Sea Power - Everything Was Forever

For the friends of:
Interpol, Doves and The Holy
Genre: indie rock, alternative rock
Year: 2022
Country: UK
Favorite track(s): ‘Transmitter’, ‘Doppelganger’ and ‘Folly’
Emoji: 🧳
Random words: forest run

‘Everything Was Forever’ is one of those albums that gets better with every repeat. The first time few things even irritated me a bit but for some reason, I still came back to the album time after time. The combination of distant post-punk vibe, ‘90s Brit rock and certain rawness, noisiness and psychedelia makes a great combo. The guitars are great and also the baseline shines nicely here and there. The dynamics between different tracks are nicely constructed. I prefer the faster tracks. Some of the slower songs are also nice but few lack the last punch. Still, none of them is so bad that it would need skipping.

Band of Horses - Things Are Great 

For the friends of:
The War on Drugs, Kings of Leon, The Killers
Genre: indie rock, heartland rock
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Warning Signs', 'Crutch' and 'Ice Night We're Having'
Emoji: 🌤
Random words: peace 

’Cease To Begin’ released in 2007 was probably one of my most listened rock albums in the late ’00s. The follow-up album ‘Infinite Arms’ was also good but for some reason, I lost the band after that. Now after years and a couple of albums the band is back with new music and it’s actually a really great album. It’s full of great catchy melodies spiced up with some big arena sound and delicate guitars and vocals. The album is nicely mixed creating not too polished picture while still giving the feeling of hearing everything well. There are also nicely some distant americana and country vibes in some of the tracks while others are more of the early 00,s and 10’s indie rock.

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