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With a name like anxiety is killing my dreams you should know exactly what you’re getting into when you listen to Ysabel’s album, and yet, she manages to surprise her listeners every step of the way. A love letter to her decade long journey, anxiety is killing my dreams, gives a perspective to mental illness that you might not have heard before. Previously known as The Grief Stories Ysabel’s debut album anxiety is killing my dreams has been a highly anticipated project that promises to deliver.

One of the most interesting artists in the genre right now, making some real wabes with this release! An excellent choice for any playlist really!


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Drawing from her own life experiences, Ysabel has created a space of depth and honesty where she has bared herself in telling the story of her decade long journey with mental illness. Collaborating with London-based producer Ben Loveland, anxiety is killing my dreams is an epic Indie-Pop album that showcases Ysabel’s vocal talent, melodic skill, and continues to prove her as a songwriter who should be on everyone’s watchlist, and Ysabel and Ben as a duo are a force to be reckoned with.

After the success of her previous release trigger Ysabel is looking forward to sharing this project with the world. “Obviously it’s my debut album, so that’s a big deal” says Ysabel, “but it’s also a testament to my growth as a human being. This project is the story of the last 10 years of my life. It’s me learning to process what my present and future look like post-diagnoses. It’s a celebration of the person I was and accepting the person I’m becoming. It’s a big deal ‘cause it’s honest, it’s real.”

An ode to the black community, Ysabel hopes that anxiety is killing my dreams will encourage people like her to be more open with one another about their struggles with mental illness. With her passion for authentic storytelling, this upcoming album is particularly close to Ysabel’s heart.


Credit: Ieva Sproge

“I was diagnosed with depression over a decade ago. I pride myself on being pretty open about my life and my experiences, but it’s not really something that I talk about. It was only in 2021 when I got diagnosed with ADHD and General Anxiety Disorder that I started to actually think about what it looks like to live with mental illness. I think particularly as a black woman in the UK, it’s a side of mental health that we don’t really look at. The fact that mental illness really does seep into every area of your life. This album is me reminiscing over the last decade and how my mental illness has affected my perspective and the way I view the world.” ~ Ysabel



Cover Photo By Ieva Sproge