Introducing: Margaux

Can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got started in the music industry?

Raised in sunny Provence in the south of France, I grew up in a family of artists musicians, painters and writers. It was just natural for me to pick one of these arts to express myself and develop a canal between my inside and the world. I started traveling during my bachelor's degree, and while I never stopped creating and playing instruments, I started to write my adventures and feelings. I never stopped! It started almost like therapy and then I began to write songs. The more I traveled, the more songs appeared. But it has always been there in my life as a support and something so obvious to do for me, that I never really placed this in the center, as a career. Until Covid, when I decided that my dream of being on Tour playing my songs became stronger than anything else, the only thing that would make sense to me now.

How would you describe your musical style and sound?

Initially, very folk and country, inspired by American artists sound just like Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Johnny Cash or Dolly Parton, my sounds would be very simple and natural with guitar acoustic and banjo, harmonica, tambourine and some drums. But something was missing to me, something different. I loved this vibe but with a new sound. I started more than a year ago to write my lyrics in French, with the music of this language it was a new challenge to make it sound folk already. I wrote two songs that I really love and I imagined a true universe around me. But I needed the help of a great musician to help me with creating this world. We ended up finding the sound I dreamt of a new sound of folk, with French lyrics and a sweet but dark vibe.

What inspires you when writing and creating music?

People. We all, try every day to love and be happy. There is so much we go through and we experiment, it is an infinite source of inspiration. But mostly a challenge to always find the best way to express with words what we feel. They are not enough words, plus the limitation of one language with its own limitation of words, to paint all the colors we see and feel. It’s a true inspiration to always try to go closer to this emotional world in music.

Can you talk about the challenges you've faced as an indie musician and how you've overcome them?

The main challenge in the south of France is that for the last few years and for a long time, it hasn’t been at all the style people would listen too! If I crossed the ocean and play in Nashville, everybody loves it! But not where I live. In addition, French people don’t speak English very well, so playing folk music in English was problematic as few people would understand the stories and messages I wanted to share through my music. This is part of why I started writing in French last year, so people could enjoy really what folk music means and is, even if they are not crazy or used to this style, maybe by understanding the stories they would start enjoying it better. But recently, the indie and folk styles just started to be more and more trendy and there is now a new network of events, people and artists in this music in France. Another challenge was being on the road for so long. Music is a lot about network and connexion with people in order to get gigs and attention. When you are always on the move, you don't get to connect that much and consolidate a network. 2 years ago when I arrived in the town I live now, I had to start all over again to meet artists, musicians and people in the industry. But by going out in the jam session place, attending live shows, meeting good people and involving myself in different music projects, I managed to meet many people and develop a cool network here.

How has your music evolved over time and what has influenced those changes?

My music just became more and more personal I would say. Initially, I think I was trying to do my own version of what I loved to hear, and I would get close to the sounds I kept listening to. With me getting to know myself better, and also with a confidence growth in what I do, I started to define more what I want to hear, to play, and to share. It became more my sounds than the others' sounds. The people I have met on my way, artists or professionals, really inspired these changes too by naturally pushing me to express my own music.

How do you connect with and engage with your fans both online and in person?

I don't think I have a fan base strong enough to answer this question :) but when people come to me with a compliment on what I do, I always try to understand what touch them and how, and also to get to know them better, their stories and who they are. I work with a great guitarist called Joris Ragel on my new songs coming and I could not be more excited about releasing them this year! I will work with a studio in Toulouse, Studio du Cerisier, that I really like and find professional, they will do the mix and mastering of the sounds. Now I am looking for a team to do the video clip. The whole project excites me so much as I really love the songs. Also, I am very excited to be part of a new band called New Tone, that recently signed with a label. This will be the beginning of a great collaboration!
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