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Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

We are currently staying at a very nice place in Halle, ger we found via couchsurfing because right now we are touring Germany on a street music tour. Even though Leipzig is our home right now, we can't tell where we´ll be tomorrow.

What is the process you follow when writing your songs? 

Usually, we are having songwriting sessions together, when Simon comes up with a pattern or riff on the guitar with a general vibe to it and we´re both feeling it, we create an instrumental around it, recording piano, drums and bass. In the next step usually, Max writes a vocal melody, this goes a lot back and forth until we are both happy with it.

Eventually one of us will come up with a lyrical concept relating to personal experiences he feels is represented by the song's emotion.


What are your influences?

We are drawing inspirations from various different genres, but bands that inspired us a lot are Giant Rooks, Nothing but Thieves and Abby.

What instruments are used to produce your music?

Electric and acoustic guitars, Piano, Bass, Drums, Synths, Samples, Vocals

Who is responsible for your visuals?

Our artwork was done by german artists YAWN who did an incredible job based on photos that were created by us and friends of ours over the last year. The music video (found on youtube) is self-made. The cousin of Max did the filming while he edited the whole thing. The color grading was done by filmmaker Niko Gindler.

Do you remember any strange or funny incident that happened to you?

It was a freezing cold night in winter. We, longing for music as always, wanted to have a little jam session outside. The cold was too tough though, so in search of shelter, we went into a near Sparkasse (that's a bank) to play inside. After half an hour of jamming, a woman approached to withdraw some money. We kept on playing and after a while of her watching us, she just handed us a 20 euro bill and left without a word. She probably thought we were homeless or she had a great heart but quite possibly it was both.

What do you feel sets you apart from other artists?

The courage to risk it all to follow our passion and the commitment to follow it up. The band emerged out of a years-old friendship, starting basically in kindergarten.

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