Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (Sam Raimi, 2022)

Genre: Action/Horror
Rating: 1,2/5 stars

I was so excited for the special effects and just like the storyline, it was rushed. Without getting into specifics, the issues in this film is that they solve their problems by explaining the issue. By breaking it down to the audience, we are left scratching our heads as to why any of these people had to travel anywhere. An easy solution was right in front of them and Sam Raimi said “no, we need to make a pointless horror film.” Yes, I said HORROR film — a plain old, classic horror with no suspense. 

I also think there were missed opportunities in the casting. So many talented actors were stuck portraying the same emotions to internal dilemmas that were portrayed in previous films. There’s no point to recount this, and if there is, maybe make it vital to the story.

Overall, the creative direction was redundant and extremely off-center with most MCU movies.

I have no issues stirring away from the typical cookie-cutter MCU scripts, but you can’t go to an extreme horror to a simple action flick in the same scene. Furthermore, the movie had a lot of missed opportunities and no sense.

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by Aubreyonna Van Hoose

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