DanDrive - Secret Machine - Fuzz

It’s #fuzzfriday and today I’ve got a cool one! This is my @dandrivepedal (Star Wars!) Secret Machine.

My favourite non-Fuzz Face fuzz, it’s a wild Zonk variant that you can adjust to taste. Rolled back slightly you even get some fun octave up sounds. Sound clip coming tomorrow, but will post to my Stories today. 👽🛸☄️

Special thanks to Brian @southernguitars for a super smooth transaction even here to Canada. Look them up for a great selection of boutique gear.👌


DanDrive’s homage to the Zonk MKI!

The DanDrive Secret Machine lets you into the gnarly, harsh side of fuzz-land for some octave up, velcro fun!

The pedal pays homage to the classic Zonk Machine MKI.

Taking off from the from where the Secret Engine left off, this pedal has a few additional features that let you further shape your tone.

The mid switch lets you smooth things out a bit and the bias lets you dial in the sputter.

How does the Secret Machine compare to the Secret Weapon?

The Secret Machine is engineered to sound closer to Doyle Bramhall’s own Zonk variant.

The pedal has slightly brighter articulation and is more aggressive.


DanDrive Secret Machine Fuzz Features:

• Zonk MKI-inspired fuzz pedal.

• Tailor the fuzz to your tastes with the Bias control and Mid switch.

• Top Jacks.

• Meticulously filled with premium components.

• Handmade in Germany.

• True Bypass.

• Power: 9V DC.

• Current Draw: Less than 100mA.


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