TĒMNA RÁDIST: Experiencing Soundscapes from Outer Space 

Indiefferential News

TĒMNA RÁDIST is a Ukrainian one-woman electronic project created at the beginning of the full-scale russian-Ukrainian war by a multi-instrumentalist Viktoriia K. Her third release is of an anxious and grim mood and touches upon the themes of obscurity of existence, telling about shadows crawling from the darkest nooks of your soul and invading your mind.

“For my 3rd release I’m exploring the valleys of ambient. I’ve always wanted my music to be a mirror of this world. The world is audial and vocal. The sounds are yelling to be heard, to be grasped and captured, to be cast in stone. I’m just trying to be there on time to hold my mirror. To record all that”. - Viktoriia K.

TĒMNA RÁDIST has a unique way of creating music that feels like a controlled chaos of layers that stay with you after just the first listen. The synths are addictive and the bass just keeps your heart pumping through the end of the song. 


Out of silence is one of those songs that you could easily listen while painting or creating something but the best way to experience this song is to just put it in a movie. This is what the Sci Fi genre needs! People who enjoy making this kind of music for people who enjoy listening to it. No need to hire a musician to create something that appeals to the futuristic/cyberpunk aesthetic when you have artists like TĒMNA RÁDIST.