Shaw Calhoune - Fly Langston - Track By Track Review

Ville S. Music Reviews
For the friends of: Skyzoo, Ka, Rejjie Snow
Genre: hip hop
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): 'Killer-Diller Coat', 'Scarlet Stained Leather'
Emoji: 🌉
Random words: summer smoke

'Shaw Calhoune' is a hip hop artist from the US who has been dropping brilliant EPs during the last 15 months or so. The new release, 'Fly Langston ', balances being somewhere between an EP and a full-length album with seven tracks but only 20 minutes long. Based on 'Shaw's own words, the release is an adaptation of community, poetry, feeling fresh, jazz, and positivity. All seven tracks are packed with great beats with various simple beats and almost beatless backgrounds. 'Shaw's flow is as laidback but sharp as always. I hope to see a full-length album by him any time soon!

Buttoned Up
The opener is a jazzy track without a clear beat. The trumpet loop (?) gives the rhythm on the back while 'Shaw's flow is laidback and takes its own path. In a way, it is hard to say if the flow goes to the beat or not, but that is the beauty of the track, it's as much poetic as it is classic hip hop. 'Buttoned Up' reminds of 'Shaw's EP 'MARIANA' from 2021.

A House Sparrow's Feather (feat. Barry Marz)
After the beat kicks in, 'Buttoned Up' starts to feel almost like an intro for 'Fly Langstone'. The jazzy touch continues with the beautiful and soulful synth in the background and a very organic and timeless-sounding drum track. At the same time, 'Shaw' has a very pleasant and slow or lazy flow, 'Barry Marz' hits almost every beat like a machine. After 'Shaw's flow, this sounds almost a little too tight with the jazzy beat. Otherwise, the track is pretty golden.
Killer-Diller Coat
First time listening to this was like, "wait whaaaat! Am I hearing 'Jay-Z'", until realizing it was a loop from 'The Story of O.J.'. Again the track lacks a clear beat, but the horn section, together with a great and simple bassline, are working the magic, making this track one of the best. The flow suits the "beat" really well, making 'Killer-Diller Coat' an interesting and brilliant hip hop track.

Full Hunter
The soulful horn section continues its way with the 'Full Hunter'. What can I say? 'Shaw' really knows how to make the listener relax and fly somewhere. The flow is again really enjoyable, with the beat packed with a smoky, jazzy feeling. The track is short and could use a second part since it already has a lot in it. Now it feels a bit like a draft or an idea.
Jazz Club Session (feat. Sir Dominique Jordan)
'Jazz Club Session' works like an interlude on the album. The beat and background have the same feeling as the other tracks, but the poetic performance by 'Sir Dominique Jordan' stands out quite a lot. He has much emotion in his flow which balances with different tempos. There is much power in the flow. It also feels disconnected because 'Shaw' is not on track at all.

Scarlet Stained Leathers
The beatless beat is excellent. It has so much timeless feeling. Listening to this feels like jumping back to the 60s or 70s. The chord changes of the string arrangements are working nicely. Again there is no reason to complain about 'Shaw's flawless flow! The short burst of the simple beat at the end of the track makes you bounce your neck and is annoyingly short! We want more!!
Black and White Bird's Eye
The smooth guitar, together with the piano and simple hits, remind again of the '60s, or 70's music scene. 'Black and White Bird's Eye' is a perfect finisher. It makes the listeners close their eyes and enjoy the last seconds of 'Fly Langstone'. With this track and the whole release, 'Shaw' can once again prove that he should have more attention and appreciation. We need more hip hop like this!

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