Jason Lyles: Modern Poetry Meets Rock

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Indie rocker Jason Lyles unveils his latest single, "Divided Life," a poignant anthem about the challenge of holding onto hope in a viciously divided America. This release marks the fifth installment leading up to his highly anticipated album, "Suspensions of Disbelief," slated for release this fall. "Divided Life" delves deep into the heart of contemporary America, examining the pervasive divisions that permeate society. With influences reminiscent of Americana/Alt Country greats like Drive By Truckers and Jason Isbell, Lyles delivers a soul-stirring narrative that reflects on the stark contrasts in values, politics, and interests gripping the nation.

On "Divided Life,” Lyles embraces a more Americana-infused sound while retaining his signature introspective lyricism. The song features the mesmerizing violin virtuoso Stephanie Brooks, who adds depth and emotion to the composition. Gabe Lane elevates the track with a masterful lead guitar performance, including a solo that evokes the dichotomy of heartbreak and hopeful yearning that defines this moment in America. 

The accompanying music video, starring Lyles' daughter, Rosie, serves up a compelling visual narrative, depicting the struggles faced by young Americans amidst a landscape marked by division and discord. Shot and edited by Lyles himself, with assistance from Joseph Tyler Green and David Relano, the video offers a poignant reflection on the harsh realities confronting today's youth.


Reflecting on the inspiration behind "Divided Life," Lyles shares, "This song is about the fractured state of America today, and how that looks and feels to young people who are growing up surrounded by negativity and extremism. It’s also a call to the rest of us to reflect on how we got to this point, and how we step back from it." "Divided Life" follows a string of successful singles including "The Light," "Deflated," "The Light (Acoustic)," and "Salvage," each offering a unique glimpse into Lyles' evolving musical journey into storytelling based in both reality and fantasy. As anticipation builds for the release of "Suspensions of Disbelief," fans can expect an immersive sonic experience that transcends boundaries and challenges conventions. 

Jason Lyles is a critically acclaimed indie rock artist hailing from Chattanooga, TN known for his compelling blend of storytelling, melodic prowess, and visionary lyricism. Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of science fiction along with life experiences on the ground, Lyles crafts music that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Lyles’ music is now available on Spotify, Apple Music, and additional streaming services with vinyl and CDs available on jasonlylesmusic.com/store. Lyles performs throughout the southeast and midwest both solo acoustic and with his band, Jason Lyles and the Legitimizers.

Photos by @Ricky Davis

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