Dominion Fuzz - Axis Face

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Axis Face is art in every way. I’m lucky enough to have spent a bit of time with it before it’s listed today and finds it’s forever home. Every detail is exquisite and thought out. Simply amazing. Check out Aaron’s page for more info, he’s not only an amazing and informed builder but a great person to boot. Big thanks to you buddy! In all honesty this one is beautiful inside and out, i’m happy I got to see it in person. See my post yesterday for more pics.


In the words of the builder:

Recently I set out with the task to make the ULTIMATE Fuzz Face pedal. I chose to put no barriers in my way in terms of time or expense and committed myself to do whatever it took to get it right. After countless hours of tirelessly obsessing over parts and finish I believe I have completed what I would consider my magnum opus. I present to you - the Axis Face “Slight Return” edition.

Almost six months after my first attempt at making a fuzz that pays tribute to one of my favourite albums of all time, and countless requests to make another one, I set out to use all the building techniques I have learned over the last year to create an new spin on the same idea.

This pedal took me over 30hrs of careful paint work and tireless sourcing out some of the rarest and best parts available to make this one-of-a-kind unit. Everything on this pedal has been painted by hand. Complete with EXTREMELY rare “holy grail” tall font NKT275 🔴 germanium transistors, exactly as found in the earliest faces of the 60s, just like Jimi used to use. Perfectly matched to deliver all the iconic fuzz tones heard through the many eras of Hendrix’s career. Big, warm and wooly fuzz that will push a driven Marshall into sounds heats on Spanish Castle Magic, and an incredible organic cleanup that will have you flying on Little Wings.

This one-off pedal comes with a matching special edition bag and a vinyl copy of Hendrix’s Axis Bold As Love as shown. A future collectible and a true celebration of all things fuzz! ✌️



- NOS “Tall Font” NKT275 Germanium transistors
- NOS Philips Electrolytic Capacitors
- NOS Mullard Mustard Capacitor
- Carbon Composition Resistors
- Hand painted PCB
- Hidden Bias Pot under the PCB for easy adjustment
- Hofner “Tea Cup” knobs
- Selected Alpha Pots
- Arrow Footswitch
- Cast 1966 accurate face-style enclosure
- Completely hand-painted finish inspired by Axis Bold As Love album art
- Relic’d finish to look and feel like a vintage unit

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