Cornerstone Antique - Classic Drive

The @cornerstonegear Antique (v.2) is much more than another TS pedal. Although it has similar DNA, this one nails that John Mayer Trio tone we all know and love and can be tweaked to taste to handle just about any overdrive need.👌

In the words of the makers:

The Antique is our take on those classic sounds which are notoriously recognized with the tube screamer. Don’t worry, the Antique is not a clone, but it definitely belong to the screamer-like family overdrives. It has a well-defined mid-range tone, typically useful to achieve the bluesy sounds of John Mayer or SRV, it is super touch sensitive (distinctive feature of all Cornerstone overdrives) and versatile.

Looking at the controls, there are Volume, Gain, Tone and Presence.

The Gain control determines the amplification factor of the pedal, and thus the overall saturation, and the Volume control acts as a master output control.

The Tone manages the frequency content of the entire signal while the Presence control specifically shapes the high end content. These two controls together with the mids switch allow obtaining several different sounds and colors suiting different guitar/amps tone.



About Cornerstone Music Gear


Cornerstone Music Gear is a family owned company focused on designing and handmade manufacturing of guitar and bass effects pedals.
Located in Italy, Cornerstone was founded on 2014 as the result of our passion for music and for the obsessive research for a good sound.
Our products are built by musicians for musicians, and everything we do, we do with passion.


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