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Ville S. Music Reviews

Liars - The Apple Drop

For the friends of: 
Radiohead, Tricky, Beck
Genre: experimental rock, art rock, psychedelic electro rock
Year: 2021
Country: US / Australia 
Favorite track(s): 'The Start', 'Sekwar' and 'Star Search' 
Emoji: 😵
Random words: galaxy 

'Liars' is a relatively new finding for me. I have come across some of their albums previously but never really got to know them. After twenty years 'The Apple Drop' is their tenth album. With a short comparison, it sounds like one of their most approachable albums. But with the same breath, I would like to say that it is one of the most interesting albums I've discovered this year. It's very hard to put them in one box or genre.

There are multiple different moments that remind me of many different bands and same time there are also parts that sound like something which I've never heard of. I have to mention 'Sekwar' being definitely one of the best single tracks of this year. It is also interesting how the album is not heavy but still has some resemblances even to few metal bands. Oh boy, there would be so much to say about the album, it is Just. So. Interesting!

The Bronx - VI


For the friends of: The Hellacopters, The Flaming Sideburns, Danko Jones
Genre: punk rock, rock
Year: 2021
Country: US
Favorite track(s): 'Superbloom', 'Curb Feelers' and 'High Five' 
Emoji: 🍺
Random words: garage

This has been definitely one of my most anticipated albums of the year. Some of the singles showed up pretty well but there were also few that did not sound super good. This gave me an extra excitement how the album would sound in the end. 'The Bronx' has been one of my favorite rock bands more than 10 years already so I needed to give many repeats for 'VI' before writing anything about it. Vocally it's one of their best and most varied albums.

Musically they have made some small changes, mostly including more "classic rock" elements, at times sounding slightly easier to approach and not so punk. But they definitely still has also the gnarlier side on the tracks like 'Superbloom' and 'Breaking News'. Few of the more classic rock tracks has been something that I have grown to with multiple repeats. 'Watering The Well' was one of the singles and at first I was quite disappointed with it but now it has become one of my favorite tracks of the album. I'm pretty sure that they are not losing any fans with the album but probably gaining some more who have not enjoyed their music previously.

Light The Torch - You Will Be the Death of Me

For the friends of: Killswitch Engage, Trivium, Soilwork
Genre: metalcore
Year: 2021
Country: US
Favorite track(s): 'More Than Dreaming', 'Living with a Ghost' and 'Come Back to the Quicksand' 
Emoji: ✊
Random words: mosh mosh mosh

I have totally been sleeping on this record. 'You Will Be the Death of Me' was released during late June but I been listening it only for few weeks now. But I'm very happy that one of my best friends pointed out this album. I REALLY love 'Howard Jones', I have always loved. There is certain safety and comfort in his sound that creates a special place for me. After 'Killswitch Engage' he released music with 'Devil I Know' but I never really got into the band for some reason.

But oh man, 'Light The Torch' just sounds so good with theis sophomore album! In away the album has nothing special in it, but it's just very solid and straight forward metalcore release. The (very) distant industrial vibes bring certain color to their songs making everything a bit more massive. Only thing that just does not work is the cover of 'Terence Trent D’Arby's 'Sign Your Name'. It just don't suit with the rest of the album. But whether Howard is singing or screaming, it always sounds brilliant! 

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