Aries Marquis has dropped a new single, "Motivation"

Aries Marquis has dropped a new single, "Motivation"

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When Aries Marquis sets his mind to something, there isn’t anything he won’t do to
achieve it. Empathetic, introverted, and hard working, Aries has been performing his
unique blend of soulful pop R&B since 2007, when his father discovered his talent after
hearing Marquis singing on a voicemail.

“It was my dad that first saw my talent, and I owe him a great deal for encouraging me
to pursue it as a career. He heard me sing and harmonize on my voicemail, and he
started giving me advice like to always keep my singing skills polished and to always be
growing writing skills. His guidance made a huge impact on those early years.”

Born to parents who were immersed in the musical culture of his upbringing in Baton
Rouge, Lousiana, Marquis’ dad was no stranger to a life of music, and even encouraged
Marquis’ singing career in his mother's choir at just 5 years old. By 18 he was getting a
standing ovation at his high school performance. While he later formed a band called
J2, which saw success playing on local TV, clubs, and malls, it's in his solo career that
he's truly begun to find his voice.

This can be seen in his unique blend of influences, ranging from Boyz 2 Men, Michael
Jackson and Justin Timberlake, taking elements of lyricism, originaity, production,
stage presence, and audience impact and melding them together to create a signature
sound that is, as Tinnitis praises it "dazzling vocals and thoughtful lyricism...real life
storytelling coming from an authentic modern voice."Over the years, Aries has played all over the world, captivating audiences with his raw,
emotional performances. His lyrics are deeply personal, drawing on his own
experiences as a father, a Christian, a US Army Vet, and at the core of it, a human
being. The result is music that is both cathartic and relatable.

“I have a soulful mind when it comes to music. I want to sing with passion and fire, I want to be remembered as someone full of empathy and wisdom. As someone that
actually cared, and was genuine. Someone whose music touched lives in a positive

With his soulful voice and powerful lyrics, Aries Marquis is an artist to watch. Whether
he's performing live or recording in the studio, his music is a testament to the power of
perseverance and the human spirit.