SPOONBEND: A Masterpiece Found in Mississippi

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Samuel Aaron Reynolds, mastermind behind SPOONBEND, is a lifelong musician and writer hailing from Frenchport Ark., an unincorporated community on the Ouachita River, infested with Jesus, Alligator Gar, and Cottonmouth Moccasins.


SPOONBEND was created with Southern music shaman/producer Jimbo Mathus, who has also worked alongside artists like Buddy Guy, Elvis Costello, Andrew Bird, North Mississippi Allstars, and Shinyribs, and was recorded at the famed Muscle Shoals Sound.


Samuel Aaron Reynolds has taken 37 years of experience, the best and worst of what Arkansas can dish out, and created a powerful, emotionally charged & inspiring album that gives voice to the voiceless, those knocked down by society.

"Every once in a while a young artist comes along that I really believe in. That’s why I’m putting all my chips on Aaron Reynolds’ 'SPOONBEND.'" - Jimbo Mathus


"Working with Jimbo is working with a musical mad scientist, someone who can distill what’s there down to its most enriched form. I’d like people to hear SPOONBEND and want to headbang and eat fried chicken. But I also want people to hear it and feel understood, to feel welcomed by the music because this music knows where you’ve been.” - Aaron Reynolds

Key dates for this inaugural release include the March 22nd release of the album's first single, "Path of Destruction".

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