What's New? July & August 23 (Printed Version)

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What's New? July 23 (Printed Version)

What's New? July 23 Part 2 (Printed Version)

What's New? August 23 (Printed Version)

We don't send complimentary issues to the artists yet.

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A new T-Shirt will be available each month for every printed issue of Indiefferential (What's New?), with the Instagram handles of each featured artist. Everyone is looking for the best promotional strategy for their brand or new song, and the answer is right in front of our eyes, artists supporting artists. We have two parts for the May issue to keep the costs down and make it affordable for everyone to purchase.

Indiefferential June 23 T-Shirt 
A T-Shirt with the IG handles of every artist in What's New? June 23

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