"We've Talked About This Before": Munk Duane Follows Grammy® Buzz


Boston based recording artist and film composer Munk Duane recently enjoyed a significant career milestone following the release of three singles in 2023, “Just a Word”, “My Fellow Americans” and “Myths”. “Myths” was later deemed eligible by the Recording Academy for Grammy® consideration in the Best Pop Solo Performance category in the 66th Annual Grammy® Awards. The three songs were featured in the 2023 film “The Getback”, starring Theo Rossi and Kim Coates (from FX’s "Sons of Anarchy"), Dermot Mulroney and Anthony 'Treach' Criss. Duane’s “Myths” was featured prominently in the film, punctuating the backstory of Rossi’s lead character, and industry attention continued to snow-ball from there.


On March 1, 2024, Munk Duane released his next single, the retro-soul tinged “We’ve Talked About This Before”, which also marks his first outing with AWAL (Sony Music). Written, performed and produced by Duane, the song was mastered by Brian Lucey at Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles, who worked on Grammy® winning releases for The Black Keys, Lizzo, the soundtrack to “The Greatest Showman”, and more. “The new song highlights the difficulty of dealing with loved ones as they age, and leaning into new expressions of love through patience”, Munk explains. “Conversation loops become common place, especially with dementia patients.

They become stuck on repeat and frequently address the same topic multiple times in a single conversation. The new song is about trying to see the loop like a “needle skipping on your favorite song” and just allowing it to play out like it’s the first time you’ve heard the story, because sadly, it may soon be the last.” New artist releases aside, Munk has also been busy composing for film and television, contributing to the Extreme Music library, (the production music arm of Sony Music Publishing), with his music being licensed to multiple shows for NBC, A&E, Max, Amazon Prime Video, NatGeo and more.

Munk Duane · We've Talked About This Before

FVMusicBlog - "Munk Duane is a supremely talented artist who is making music that is leading the indie-pop genre forward into 2023. We cannot wait to hear what will come next.”

The Indie Source - "Urban and confident. Munk is mixing his ingenious composing skills with a mastery of pop that makes the sound his own. Complimented by seasoned lyricism, Duane finds his footing in R&B Funk while leaning into the soul that sets his music apart."

The Hype Magazine - "Munk Duane crafts the perfect blend of groove-oriented conscious-R&B. His music has a purpose and in today’s social climate the messages are all too clear.”

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