Fragments | Inner City Blues | Nothing Was Worth This EP

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Bonobo - Fragments

For the friends of:
Moderat, George FitzGerald, Tycho
Genre: nu-jazz, downtempo, electronica, IDM 
Year: 2022
Country: UK
Favorite track(s): ‘Rosewood’, ‘Otomo’, and ‘Age of Phase’
Emoji: 🧢
Random words: couch

Bonobo returns with the new album and the same sound he is familiar to most of people. He continues combining jazzy elements to melancholic vibes, dance beats to chill out and having multiple featuring artists as vocalists. The album contains a few gems where the soundscape is interesting with multiple details and percussions but there are also couple of tracks that don’t hit the goal. There is a certain lack of creativity and kind of medium level not bringing any emotions to the listener. It would be interesting to hear something new and more experimental like the singles which he released with ‘Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs’. But the most interesting tracks definitely makes you bounce your head and dream about dancing at summer festivals.

WaTa- Inner City Blues

For the friends of:
Moderat, George FitzGerald, Tycho
Genre: nu-jazz 
Year: 2022
Country: Hungary
Favorite track(s): ‘ChitChat’, Sunday' and 'What If'
Emoji: 💥
Random words: futuristic neon lights

It’s always a pleasure to be approached with such high-quality music like ‘WaTa’. His music combines playful jazz vibes and solos to laidback electro beats. The main actress of the first track is ‘Fanni Zahár’ who’s flute track is such pleasant resembling 90s and 00s nu-jazz. ‘Virtual’ does not hit me very much, not sure why, but it just does not hit me. The last two tracks are a bit faster and have a little bit of experimental touch not forgetting the ongoing solos. All in all the four-track EP serves slightly different, modern and danceable electro-jazz vibes. 

Mateusz Prusik - Nothing Was Worth This EP

For the friends of:
Faithless, Underworld, Orbital
Genre: minimal techno, idm
Year: 2022
Country: Poland
Favorite track(s): ‘A Bitter Cocktail of Disappointment', 'Inappropriate and Unnecessary'
Emoji: 👾
Random words: foggy skyscraper view

First of all, I really like the depressed world that all of his titles create. The first track opens the EP with rather a hypnotic vibe with a simple beat that goes on and on building the momentum with multiple different details. The second track is a kind of very basic techno track with a nice melody that sounds similar but still, the atmosphere is really nice. The third track starts with a pretty chill vibe but develops into a slightly heavier and more progressive sound still keeping everything pretty easy to approach. The last has a lot of resemblance to the early 00's techno and is the most straightforward of all tracks. All in all the EP is an interesting continuation after 'Mateusz Prusik's previous release 'Disappointfullness' which is much more laid-back and ambient. Interested to see what he releases next.

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