Giant Killers: 90s Greatness In 2024

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We’re now committed to a string of single releases throughout 2024 starting with, ‘When This Time is Over’. The song has a great back story; it was the first one we wrote as Giant Killers, and it was written on a guitar owned by Butch Vig. The guitar was in the safe keeping of our mate Simon Gunning, the artist manager who looked after Vig’s later incarnation as Garbage. We knocked around Simon’s office after business hours because we lived in relative poverty in an empty office down the corridor and his place was well… warmer. We’d seen Butch playing that guitar so often when he visited Simon on business, we picked it up in the hope his magic might rub off from his fingers and onto our musical endeavors.” Michael and Jamie

‘When This Time is Over’, the first single from the album, will be released digitally across all platforms on Little Genius Recordings as part of a unique Double A side, Double B side EP. At least a quarter of all proceeds from every sale through Bandcamp will go to the suicide prevention charity Campaign Against Living Miserably.

The indie-pop band are song writing duo Jamie Wortley (guitar, keys, lead vocals) and Michael Brown (bass, keys, brass, vocals). They were signed to MCA Records in 1995 where they released two singles, however the album never saw the light of day. Now the band have their rights back and the songs are finally getting their chance to shine.


The band’s 90’s sound has struck a chord with the modern-day music press. Multiple outlets have acknowledged Giant Killers’ ‘timeless appeal’ and ‘deft songwriting charm…

“We believe the album is a work about universal and timeless themes. Our 3 decades long wish is to see if the rest of the world agrees with us, and we’ve been taken aback by all the superlatives heaped upon our music…