Valeriia Kozhurina: A pianist ready to fight for Ukraine

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Somewhere hidden in Ukraine, as war sirens ring out over the cities and explosions rock the sky, Valeriia Kozhurina (Валерия Кожурина) tells us about her last concert on Dragorbrat Mountain a few days before the massive invasion of her country. A Ukrainian artist, who started her career playing the piano, is now armed and ready to fight alongside her countrymen with faith in her country's army and forces.

Quoting the script of "Solaris" by Andrei Tarkovsky: "You love that which you can lose: Yourself, a woman, a homeland."

Thank you for agreeing to this interview, first of all, how are you? Are you safe?

Ηello, so far safe. I can give an interview, but my English is not very good. Sorry, but I will try.

Don't worry about it, do you speak any other language?

Ukrainian language, but English is also ok.
There is no panic. Ukraine is ready for anything. We support our military, our army. We love our country and will fight for it.

Is everything alright? Where are you right now?

I’m okay, I’m in Ukraine.
Can you tell us a bit about the situation there?
Scary but we fight, i woke up from a call from a friend who told me that sirens were heard and that they started shooting. It was scary all day, it's less scary now, we hope the best for our army.

How did people react? Are they ready to fight? Is there panic?

There is no panic. Ukraine is ready for anything. We support our military, our army. We love our country and will fight for it.

You are a singer for Banda Band, what was the last time you had a live show?
A week ago, it was supposed to be another one tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but all concerts are canceled.
What is the one thing you remember from the last show? Something that made the night special?

Every concert is special, I can't choose something in particular. We were on Mount Dragobrat and it was already special.
How did you start singing? What made you go into the music business?

I am a pianist. I graduated from the Glier Institute of Music. Then the vocals came on, I created a team and we started working. I have been making music since i was a just a child.
What are your dreams for the future, οnce this invasion and crisis is over? Were you working on anything new?
The plans we have are really big. But it's hard to say for now. You need to experience what is happening now, and then think about something in the future.
What is the message you want to send out there to the people reading this message across the world?

In any situation we need to remain humanand do everything in our power to make the world a better place. A musician must create, a baker must bake, and so on. We must make the world a better place every day for ourselves and for others. This is my message.
Thank you very much for the interview, we appreciate your courage and strength during these difficult times, Indiefferential will always be available to share any new project you have as an artist. Goodnight, stay safe and strong!

Thanks! Goodnight.

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