Extreme Witchcraft | The Wrath Of The Clouds EP | Nakama EP

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Eels - Extreme Witchcraft

For the friends of:
The Black Keys, Beck, The Raconteurs
Genre: rock, blues rock, folk rock 
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Amateur Hour’, ‘Good Night On Earth’, ‘I Know You’re Right’
Emoji: 🥾
Random words: dusty garage

‘Eels’ have always been pretty productive and the fourteenth album contains some nice and raw rock tunes spiced up with and some blues vibes and few lighter songs. I like the very organic and pretty raw soundscape reminding at times almost like from live shows. The melodies and hooks are pretty catchy and the guitar solos has found their places nicely. And the rusty voice of ‘E’ just keeps getting better. There are also few surprises with almost like hip hop beats, which reminds slightly from ‘Beck’s production. Even though the album is not very long it could still drop couple tracks out. Otherwise everything’s cool. 

Marissa Nadler - The Wrath Of The Clouds EP

For the friends of:
Lana Del Ray, Emma Ruth Rundle, Ane Brun
Genre: indie folk
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Guns on the Sundeck’, ‘Saunders Ferry Lane, and ‘Seabird’
Emoji: 🌦
Random words: Shadows made by the fire

’The Wrath of the Clouds’ is a new five-song EP from ’Marissa Nadler’ having three previously unreleased tracks written during the same period as her album from 2021, ’The Path of the Clouds’ and two covers. The opening track has an incredible base under everything and I love the fragile acoustic guitar with some flaws. The next two tracks are pretty simple and repetitive track but have a good and longing atmosphere. The first of the covers ’Saunders Ferry Lane’ has definitely a different feeling compared to the three first tracks. The guitars are great throughout the track. If the first cover was different, the last song ‘Seabird’ is out from a different world. But it still works nicely actually standing out very well.

Steve Gunn - Nakama EP

For the friends of:
Damien Jurado, Bonnie Prince Billy, Phosphorescent 
Genre: psychedelic indie folk
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Protection’ and ‘On The Way’
Emoji: 🐛
Random words: misty prairie

‘Nakama’ is an interesting release by ‘Steve Gunn’ who has the ability to create simple but hypnotic songs. What makes ‘Nakama’ interesting are multiple featuring musicians and this creates a feeling of ‘Nakama’ being almost like an EP by some collective. ‘Mdou Moctar’ is playing great Tuareg/assouf solos and details in the background of the opening track ‘Protection’. The next two songs by ‘Natural Information Society’ are pretty minimalistic and have a psychedelic touch with multiple different hypnotic and repetitive elements. The fourth track ‘Ever Feel That Way’ with ‘Circuit des Yvex’ is a beautiful track built on piano, different wind instruments and strings and ambient soundscapes. The last track ‘Reflection’ is a very repetitive track and not my most favourite one even though there are some nice details. 

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