Erdve - Savigaila

Ville S. Music Reviews

For the friends of: All Pigs Must Die, Gojira and Nails
Genre: death metal, progressive metal, mathcore
Year: 2021
Country: Lithuania
Favorite track(s):  'Lavondėmės', 'Savigaila' and 'Takoskyra' 
Emoji: 💣
Random words: breathless


Three years ago I heard the debut album by 'Erdve' somehow by an accident and it totally hit me. The sophomore album 'Savigaila' continues pretty much with the same heavy, desperate and hopeless world they have built. They combine nicely with a very chaotic soundscape to brutal vocals and very low and heavy riffs.

At the same time, there are some glimpses of melodies spread around the album. Few ambient tracks in between work very nicely. They have the same atmosphere as the tracks but give some room to breathe for the listener. Also, some of the more post-metal tracks suit well with the brutal sound but giving good variation. 


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