A Quiet Place Part I and Part II

A Quiet Place

A Quiet Place is probably one of the most atmospheric movies I’ve ever seen. I barely made any sound while watching it because from the very first scene, this movie drew me in and did not let me go. The idea to create a horror movie where the main antagonist is sound was brilliant and refreshingly original. The sound comes on and goes silent at different times which induces terrifying amounts of tension and suspense. There are no cheap jump scares or bloody violence in this movie, just a steady nerve-racking level of anxiety that keeps building. The visual effects for the sound-eating monsters are also terrific and creepy. From a pure storytelling stance, the movie paces itself perfectly as it drops us into its nightmarish world right away and focuses on the people living in that world rather than the specifics of that world itself. At its core, this is the powerful story of a family healing after the loss of a child. It’s a beautiful and emotional journey that’s filled with thought-provoking themes and questions about humanity.


The performances in this movie are phenomenal. The scarcity of dialogue helps bring out the absolute best in the cast, as they have to act through their faces and bodies. Emily Blunt and John Krasinski display and evoke genuine emotions as they portray parents that would sacrifice anything for their children. Even without the dialogue, they somehow make you care so much about their characters. Millicent Simmonds and Noah Jupe play with their children who are mostly there to raise the stakes, every chance they get. Simmonds is the deaf rebellious daughter trying to figure out her place within her family and trying to come to terms with the loss of her youngest brother while blaming herself for it. Noah plays the brother whose innocence and heart offer the film its vulnerability. He has the character arc of a young boy having to grow up and face his fears to become the man of the family.


This was an innovative film in a genre that has run out of ideas for quite a while. It’s highly suspenseful, peppered with powerhouse performances and an accessible setting that is very easy to empathize with. Excited to watch the sequel next.

A Quiet Place Part II

A Quiet Place Part II is a damn good sequel that does everything the first movie did but aims bigger. It picks up immediately after the events of the first film following an opening flashback sequence that reveals how the aliens first arrived on Earth and wiped out most of humanity. With the characters and the tone already established, the intensity level is off the charts from the very first second. Like Part I, this too kept me on the edge of my seat throughout. The atmosphere is tense and I was always on the border of being anxious and terrified. Stakes are also higher this time, with a baby and an injured person added to the mix in addition to a deaf one.


Although this movie isn’t as “quiet” as the first one, it still knows when to go completely silent to build maximum tension. There’s also a lot more action this time and the creatures feel like a constant threat throughout. The cinematography & CGI is just as striking as Part I. The sequel also does an excellent job expanding its universe. However, the human element is still the heart of this story. As Part I dealt with a grieving family, Part II’s more focused on the children learning to step on their own feet after their father’s demise. My only problem with this movie is its abrupt ending and its inability to stand by itself as it’s actively setting up a sequel (which isn’t even announced yet).


The returning actors are still great in their roles as the Abbott family. Evelyn goes from being the mother in distress to being the leader of the family. Regan has the best arc that sees her taking after her father and trying to help others. Marcus is, for the most part, the same as he was in the last film, only much more frightened. Shoutout to the actor though because there’s a scene where he gets hurt and his acting made it seem like he was in actual pain. Cillian Murphy’s Emmett is the newest addition, and he is just as great. He’s the opposite of John Krasinski as he plays someone who is a hardened survivor with little hope for the world.

I’m conflicted about a threequel. I do love these characters and don’t wanna see them die. I think a spinoff is perfect because I like spending time in this world.