The Chris Ruben Band: An Explosion of Sounds


The Chris Ruben Band has been performing together since early 2015. The group comes from Long Island, New York and has 6 members.

They are known for their high energy live shows, songs we can all sing along to, and a whole lot more. 2024 brings “An Incredible Forever,” an explosive new album that will blow you away!



Photos by Jimmy @thecoverartguyy and Mark DiMattei

With Parasite, The Chris Ruben Band showcases their ability to blend genres seamlessly, creating a  sound that is both fresh and nostalgic. From rock anthems that echo the golden era of classic rock to modern pop-infused melodies, the album is a sonic adventure that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish. The band’s unique ability to blend diverse musical influences into a cohesive and compelling package is on full display, making this album a must-listen for every music fan!

Recorded @
“Westfall Studios”
Farmingdale, NY
Produced by:
Anthony Lopardo,
Ray Marte,
The Chris Ruben Band