Disco Dreams: A Sonic Psychedelic Journey


Disco Dreams was drawn to the otherworldly allure of electronic music from a young age. Being influenced from psychedelic melodies from all genres he embarked on a musical journey that sought to explore the depths of human emotion and existential questions through sonic experimentation.

Disco Dream's debut album, Mystic Daze, was released independently in 2021. It's brooding atmospheres and beats that served as a visceral portal into the artist's psyche.


Stay tuned for upcoming releases and prepare to be transported to a place where electronic and synth pop converge in a mesmerizing dance of sound and emotion.


Lizard Space Lounge is part of a 3 part, intergalactic EP called Cyber Trippin'. This EP starts off with a psychedelic, synth wave journey that feels liken you are traveling through time and space. It then ends with Lizard Space Lounge which is an upbeat, synth pop jam that I have chosen to pitch. I believe this song to be an easy to listen to alt pop banger that I hope to share with the right audience. I am trying to play as many shows as I can at the moment and I am almost done with a live action animated music video I created for this song on after effects with my partner. 

Disco Dreams’ music is a tapestry of ethereal sounds and thought-provoking rhythms, each track a testament to his ability to blend genres seamlessly.