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Static Dress - Rouge Carpet Disaster

For the friends of: '(early) Underoath', 'Drop Dead, Gorgeous', 'As Cities Burn’
Genre: screamo, post hardcore
Year: 2022
Country: UK
Favorite track(s): ‘fleahouse’, ‘Courtney, just relax’ and ‘such.a.shame’
Emoji: 😂
Random words: longing

Wow! What an escape to the nostalgic 00s screamo scene! The whole album has a lot of emotion and good energy. Mostly the entire album sounds like a tribute to the early screamo bands, but it also has some resemblance to the nu metal scene and some familiar sounds, which could be compared to alternative bands like ‘Deftones’. This all said, there is not much anything super new or innovative in the band's sound and arrangements, but it's still entertaining, and there's no reason to skip tracks. 

Bomb At Track - Bomb The System

For the friends of: Limp Bizkit, Bionic Jive, Quarashi
Genre: nu metal
Year: 2022
Country: Thailand
Favorite track(s): 'คำสั่ง (Bootlicker)', 'อะดรีนาลีน (Adrenaline)' and 'นับถอยหลัง (Countdown)'
Emoji: 💿
Random words: snap back 

It's always nice to find great music in another language than English or Finnish. 'Bomb At Track' is a Thai rock band combining elements from hip hop, grunge, and metal. Their sound is pretty tight having a clear resemblance to '90s and '00s nu metal. Still, it sounds relevant and has a lot of fresh details like the whole beat and slightly psychedelic soundscape in the opener track 'คำสั่ง (Bootlicker)' or the very laid back and even jazzy ending of 'เสียงในหัว (Paranoia)'. The melodies are not the most ordinary nu metal melodies but rather remind of 90's indie rock bands which adds a nice spice to 'Bomb At Track's music.

Cancer Bats - Psychic Jailbreak

For the friends of: Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster, The Ghost Of A Thousand, Stray From The Path
Genre: southern hardcore, nu metal
Year: 2022
Country: Canada
Favorite track(s): 'Radiate', 'Hammering On' and 'Crocodiles'
Emoji: 👖
Random words: Dude

This is a really solid album! I have always known the presence of 'Cancer Bats' but have never been a huge fan. Still, I have always checked their releases and I have to say that for me 'Psychic Jailbreak' feels like one of the strongest. It has a good variation with the tempos making the album interesting. Same time the tracks have very solid ground not being too different and this makes the listening experience really easy. The resemblances to southern rock combined with heavy sound are something I have missed since 'Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster's 'III' and this album is filling that gap very nicely. 'Liam Cormier' has a great voice for this genre. If you have not checked the cover for 'Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' by 'Cancer Bats' I really recommend doing that while checking also 'Psychic Jailbreak'.

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