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trentemøller - Memoria

For the friends of:
Beach House, Fever Ray, Apparat
Genre: shoegaze, electro, dream pop
Year: 2022
Country: Denmark
Favorite track(s): 'No More Kissing In The Rain’, ’Glow’, and ’Dead Or Alive’
Emoji: 🌓
Random words: flapping curtains

First before going on to the actual words about ‘Memoria’ I need to complain a bit about Spotify. I’ve noticed how sometimes Spotify is putting singles together and marks those as EP even though they are singles for a full length, upcoming album. I got fooled by Spotify with a few of the singles of ‘Memoria’, thanks to Spotify. In reality, I can’t blame anyone else except for myself for not having enough time to check out what the releases should look like in reality and trusting too much in the platform itself. Enough complaining and explaining. 

The album is pretty massive being more than 1 hour, but it does not feel so. It keeps the listener interested by combining elements from dream pop and shoegaze to dark and melancholic electro beats. The listeners will find themselves pausing everything and just gazing at emptiness. After a while, you will notice small movements in their body while the energy grows. One of the strengths of the album is definitely the dynamics. Another great aspect is the beautiful and mesmerising soundscape which just hypnotises the moment. ‘trentemøller’ has done it again!

Marko Nyberg - Ingrid EP

For the friends of:
Rival Consoles, Jon Hopkins, 'Tenet' soundtrack by 'Ludwig Goransson
Genre: ambient, experimental electro, neoclassical techno
Year: 2022
Country: Finland
Favorite track(s): 'Drift', 'Dark Echoes' and 'Our Land'
Emoji: 🌫
Random words: higher powers

I have no clue how I came across with 'Ingrid' but I am more than happy about it. 'Marko Nyberg' sounded familiar to me and after a quick search, it came clear that he's the mastermind behind 'Husky Rescue' which created also brilliant music during the early '00s until 2013. If you are familiar with 'Husky Rescue', 'Nyberg's music is completely something different. His solo project is born out of a life changing experiences of a near death experience, and the loss of a father. 

The EP starts with haunting 'Drift' which is packed with beautiful echoey guitars and hypnotizing beat in the background. The whole atmosphere is like watching a movie that takes you to different dimensions. The track slowly builds up with multiple brilliant details. The track ends with a comforting yet melancholic piano until the second track 'Dark Echoes' brings back the pressure for a while. 'Dark Echoes' is the only track with clear vocals which brings nice change. The huge end of the track is just mind-blowing. It's time to breathe a bit. The next two tracks are pretty minimalistic ambient tracks where the piano plays a big part. The last track brings up the huge bass sounds and the massive cinematic pictures.

AURORA - The Gods We Can Touch

For the friends of:
Billie Eilish, The Knife, Lily Allen
Genre: electro-pop, art-pop
Year: 2022
Country: Finland
Favorite track(s): 'Everything Matters', 'You Keep Me Crawling' and 'Exist For Love'
Emoji: 🦜
Random words: broken disco ball

The Norwegian musician ‘AURORA’ released her third album a few weeks ago and it is a pretty varied package. There are few diamonds to find in between the energetic electro-pop and more artsy and massive tracks. The vocals are pretty mystical at times and the Nordic accent is definitely one of the strengths of the album. There are great moments but the album feels a bit more of a collection of individual songs than a complete album. Sometimes it is hard to follow the structure when there are so many styles combined. But when it’s best it is actually brilliant.

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