Meet: JW PARIS - December Issue

George S.
George S.

Where can we find you right now and what are you up to?

Daniel Collins: We’ve just come off the back of our UK wide tour, playing Leeds, Birmingham, Cardiff, Southampton and a headline show in London. Currently, we are locked away in our rehearsal space at Rooz Studios in East London working through some new tracks for you all. More importantly though, keep your ears and eyes peeled for the announcement of a huge show for us in 2024… it’s worth it.

What inspired you to write "Alive" and what message do you hope listeners take away from the song?

Daniel Collins: “Alive” tears apart the framework of modern societal expectations and the pressure to conform. It’s a conversation between your own internal monologue and your authenticity, in a world of deep fakes, AI and incredible social pressure.

We want people to acknowledge who they are. Believing in what you are about is what you need to truly feel alive.

Tell us a bit about your gear, and favourite instruments.

Daniel Collins: Our set up is pretty simple but effective. Being a three piece it’s all about making sure you’re the loudest in the room. Many people see a difference between the complexity of our recorded material and what we sound like in the flesh. Live we will tear the stage up and aim to be loud, sweaty and energetic.

For our gear, I (Daniel, guitarist and vocals) play between a Fender Jazzmaster and Telecaster, both through an 1980’s valve Mesa Boogie amp. For pedals, it’s mainly a tuner, overdrive and delay - simple but gives the boost that is needed. Aaron (bass and vocals) uses a Fender Jazz Bass through an overdrive pedal into whatever the backline is given us. Gemma plays through a PDP kit (nickname Betty) with Balbex drumsticks.

Walk us through your typical creative process when writing and composing new music. How do you collaborate as a band during this process?

Daniel Collins: We see writing music as a creative argument, you wrestle around with ideas until one of them gets you in a headlock. Everything we do isn’t led by one of us, it’s about bringing ideas to the table and really working through them in rehearsal rooms. Collaboration is key, meaning every song we play live we all are invested in. The thing though we find is our voice memos on our phone containing half-finished ideas, until you flick through with a glass of wine one night and scream at yourself ‘WHY HAVEN’T WE DONE ANYTHING WITH THIS?!’


What have been some of the most rewarding moments or achievements for the band?

Daniel Collins: There are a few career highlights so far for us and they may seem small but for a DIY band they are huge.

Hearing our tunes on BBC Radio 1, 6 Music, Amazing Radio and Radio X. We listened to these stations growing up and to hear your music playing on national radio stations here in the UK is phenomenal.

Hearing our tunes on international radio. Being played across the pond (USA) or all the way in Australia is so exciting.

Touring the UK - we love to get out and live. In the current climate of cost-of-living crisis, it is such a tough ask to go out on tour but in the past years we’ve been lucky to go on two major UK tours. Seeing people up and down the country singing our songs makes it all worth it.

Could you also tell us a bit about your influences? What are the top 5 artists/bands that inspire you?

Rolling Stones: Because they are all clearly best friends making music together. Music that they make for themselves, not for a label. You’ve got to love their longevity as well.

Blur: Britpop isn’t rubbish. Blur’s melodies mixed with clever guitar licks make these a bit of an influence on our work.

FIDLAR: Their US surfer balls-to-wall approach to trashy grunge has always been an inspiration to our live shows as well as song structure.

Gary Clark: not so much now, but Gary Clark Jr inspired Aaron and me to get together and try to play music.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club: pure dirt, fuzz and haunting vocal melodies.



Are there specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve in the future?

Daniel Collins: We’re at this point of our musical career where success for us is to keep releasing music, touring and bringing our music to new like-minded people.

I think in 2024 we would love to play a run of shows in the States and ideally release an album.

What advice would you give to aspiring musicians who are trying to make a mark in the music industry?

Daniel Collins: Before you get bogged down with the admin, social media, sending your stuff to labels - just remember to make music that is true to yourself. Enjoy the process because those moments will help you through the toughest times.

What can fans expect from the band in the coming months or years?

Daniel Collins: Our second EP will be coming out in early 2024, with our next single in January. Keep your eyes out for the release title! We are also due to announce a run of shows in February 2024.

Stay tuned and follow our socials @jwparismusic