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Shaw Calhoune - GOAT CHEESE EP

For the friends of:
Ka, Willie The Kid, Action Bronson
Genre: hip hop, boom bap
Year: 2022
Country: US
Favorite track(s): ‘Alternaria’, ‘Master Sommelier’ and ‘Corsé (full bodied)’
Emoji: 🧢
Random words: alley shadows

I discovered ’Shaw Calhoune’ last your through his ‘MARIANA’ ep, which was pretty minimalistic but brilliant. It was such a pleasant surprise to have new music by him so quickly. ‘GOAT CHEESE’ has much more sound and has a strong resemblance to some boom bap classic sounds. The beats are great but it’s really the flow that stands out the most. There are many great details in the beats which work nicely like all the hooks and the melodies. I would say that ‘Shaw Calhoune’ is one of the best underground rappers at the moment.

Daniel Son & Futurewave - Son Tzu & The Wav.God 

For the friends of:
Crimeapple, Dj Muggs, Your Old Droog
Genre: hip hop, boom bap, hardcore hip hop
Year: 2022
Country: Canada
Favorite track(s): ‘Alternaria’, ‘Master Sommelier’ and ‘Corsé (full bodied)’
Emoji: 🐗
Random words: laidback aggression 

Never heard of these two hip hop artists but the album really hit me. I love the scratchy vinyl soundscape where the beats balance between a very laid back vibe to a slightly more aggressive side. The flow and voice of ‘Daniel Son’ are great and it made me listen to also his other stuff. The overall production is well made being not too polished but still having high quality. There is no boring moment on the album and the length is pretty much perfect.

Guilty Simpson & Phro. - Guilty by Association 

For the friends of:
The Good People, Ice Cube, Your Old Droog
Genre: hip hop, boom bap 
Year: 2022
Country: US / Scotland
Favorite track(s): ’On The Block’ and ‘Guilty by Association’
Emoji: 🕶
Random words: loose

I discovered ‘Guilty Simpson’ in 2020 through ‘The Leonard Simpson Duo’ and I pretty much fell in love with his flow. This time ‘Guilty Simpson’ has teamed up with ‘Phro.’ who has come up with awesome beats having mostly very organic feeling. The guitar loop in the opening track is great as well as the triumphant strings in ‘Triumph’. The third track ‘In The House’ is not a bad track but it’s the weakest of this EP. The title track takes it back to awesome guitar loops and brilliant laid back feeling. Throughout the EP ‘Guilty Simpson’s flow shines nicely, time to time reminding a little bit from ‘Killer Mike’. 

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