'LDFS' By Benton Crane: A Unique Auditory Experience

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Benton Crane is thrilled to announce his upcoming release of 'LDFS', the latest single from Boulder's own indie psychedelic rock artist. This second release, part of a year-long series of monthly singles, will become available on February 20, 2024 for listeners eager to immerse themselves in a unique auditory experience. According to his fans and fellow musicians, Benton Crane is more than an artist; he is a storyteller whose music stands out in the indie psychedelic rock niche. His work is a confluence of abstract concepts and imaginative storytelling, inspired by the nuanced dance between tangible reality and the ethereal realms of fantasy.

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This distinctive blend gives Crane's music a unique edge, resonating deeply with listeners seeking refuge from the chaos of life. At its very core, Crane's upcoming release, 'LDFS,' is not just a song, but is a passage into the artist's mind-expanding universe. With this release, Crane continues to blur the boundaries between fantasy and reality, inviting listeners to a space where introspective and sometimes dissociative lyrics meet entrancing soundscapes. "With LDFS I really tried to lean into a psychedelic rock vibe. The different layers make a great song to lay down and listen to with headphones on and your eyes closed," says Crane.

A stalwart advocate for mental health, Benton Crane understands the significance of finding solace in music. His tracks are crafted to provide a sanctuary, a brief escape that offers relief and a sense of sonic release. His previous works with experimental jam-rock groups have laid the foundation for his solo journey, marked by notable albums and singles that have captivated audiences across the southeastern United States.

With a history of performing alongside globally renowned acts and his deep-seated roots in collaborative music projects, Benton Crane's solo career is a testament to his artistic evolution. The success of his first solo album, 'Welcome to Paradise', has paved the way for the series of singles that will define his musical landscape in 2024.

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Benton Crane is an emerging force in the indie psychedelic rock scene, hailing from the creative hub of Boulder, Colorado. His music is a compelling fusion of introspective storytelling and expansive sonic landscapes, offering listeners a journey into a realm where the boundaries of reality and imagination blur.

With a background that spans dynamic jam-rock collaborations and a critically acclaimed solo project, Crane's sound is a testament to his versatility and depth as an artist. His debut solo album, 'Welcome to Paradise', along with a succession of deeply felt singles, showcase Crane's ability to weave emotion and thought-provoking themes into his work.


His commitment to mental health advocacy resonates through his music, providing a voice and a refuge for those grappling with life's complexities. Benton's ongoing single series is a chronicle of his evolving artistry, inviting fans to partake in a genuine and immersive listening experience. Beyond the artist, Benton Crane is a storyteller at heart, whose lyrics act as narratives of escapism and reflection. His upcoming releases are anticipated not only for their melodic allure but also for their capacity to connect and heal.

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