Beautiful Creatures (Richard LaGravenese, 2013)

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Genre: Romance/Fantasy
Rating: 2/5 stars

A movie with a lot of great references to books, poetry and movies. However, the film itself isn’t a great reference.

As the cast is probably the most eye-catching thing about this movie, the rest of the execution fell pretty dull. The storyline is very much based on Cinderella with a hint of magical people or witches. I do find the chemistry between the two main characters pretty undeniable and is about the only thing that saves this film.
The execution of the film, or else the form, contains a heavy usage of color, using dark and white symbolism to represent good and evil. The ending is the hardest part of the film. I think it’s rushed, and is a simple ending that pleases the viewers with a hopeful vibe. But I’m left with wanting more or nothing at all.

Overall, as the storyline is pretty generic, the chemistry between the two main characters and the rest of the big named cast, is enough to get you through the film. However, you’ll be pretty disappointed by its ending and you’ll probably forget most of the story by tomorrow.

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