Medeni: A Pop Rising Star 


Medeni is from West Wales and started her journey releasing her own music after working as a vocalist on BBC One hit drama series, Keeping Faith. Her contribution to the series helped win the team a Welsh BAFTA and spearheaded her to release her own music. Now living in West London, Medeni is currently releasing her debut EP 'Late Twenties' which includes flares of Welsh lagnuage, self love pop songs and meaningful, authentic lyrics.


Growing up, Medeni was surrounded by many Jazz and classical influences as her father helped Medeni achieve Grade 8 classical singing at 16 years old. Her father taught her the importance of listening to multiple genres and experimenting with her voice. In her teen years, Medeni enjoyed listening to female pop stars including Gwen Stefani, Pink and Avril Lavigne. In today's world, Medeni enjoys listening to multiple different artists from Jorja Smith, NAO and Raye. She's really into artists who are breaking tradition and celebrates diversity.


Medeni has played at some fantastic venues in both London and Cardiff. Noteably in London, XOYO, Brixton Jamm and O2 Academy Islington. In Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach, The Moon and Porter's. Medeni has also performed as the Big Feastival. Recently, she played at Clwb Ifor Bach as part of the Beacon's Summit festival. She was hand picked by BBC Intro Wales (Gorwelion Horizons) to showcase the hottest Welsh talent on the scene. Most recently, Medeni had a headline show at the notable Old Queen's Head in Islington. Medeni has also made regular appearances on the BBC Radio Wales A-List and Amazing Radio.

This EP represents my soul over the past 5 years, a diary entry of my Late Twenties. I hope it resonates with you and reminds you
to be no body else other than you.

'I'm Over You' is about finally detaching from the toxic ex and finding your own authentic voice again. 'Righting Wrongs' is about not listening to what society says you should be doing at a certain age and doing what feels right for you. 'MMWIAT' (Made Me Who I Am Today) is about not playing the victim from whatever has happened to you in your past. It's about having an 'everything happens for a reason attitude' and letting your experiences make you stronger. Finally, 'Love Yourself' is about learning to love every inch of yourself, your quirky traits and includes a voice note taken from Medeni's best friend who describes what it feels like to love yourself.

Photos by Alicia Warner

Medeni decided to use a picture of herself as a kid for the artwork of MMWIAT. As the song references some bad experiences Medeni had as a child, using a photo where she is holding a giant chocolate cake felt appropriate. It's also a small reference to Bruce Bogtrotter from the film 'Matilda' who was forced to eat an entire chocolate cake in front of his school mates, and he did it, to show them he could do anything!

The EP delves into the existential uncertainties that often accompany the late twenties. Medeni contemplates her path in life, grappling with the question of whether she’s on the right track. This introspection is not just a reflection of her own doubts but a universal theme that resonates with many young adults navigating the pressures and expectations of modern life. “Sometimes, I feel lost, wondering if I’m doing the right thing with my life,” she admits. This honesty is palpable in her music, making each song a mirror for listeners to see their own struggles and triumphs.