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Indiefferential will be published as a main magazine throughout the year in issues with no specific time consistency. But to keep our labels, producers and readers up to date on new artists and releases, we're launching a monthly publication featuring interviews with major creators from around the world to highlight the next big thing in the industry. Many of the introducing interviews can be found below.

This week on "What's New?":

Meet SAINT (@_saintmusic) and read all about art, MMOs and what's it like being a musician in 2022.

Meet Ricky Jamaraz (@rickyjamaraz) a 14 year old musician from Nottingham already getting something like 10K Spotify listeners while producing some interesting indie pop/rock music and read all about his new song coming out May 27th.

Meet Blue Nation (@bluenationmusic) and read all about how to keep people interested with a riff, losing a bandmate and if bands can reach the top and stop.

Meet Ari Mor (@arimorofficial ) and read all about politics in music, her take on influential artists of our time and what it means staying true to yourself while making music.

Take a look below for some of the features in "What's New?" or read the full publication.


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