Ultraphonix - Arborist - T3 | Overdrive Pedals

Vertex Effects - Ultraphonix 


The @vertexeffects Ultraphonix is a killer versatile drive. Use it as a great boost for leads, or for a great base tone. 🖤🎛


Ultra-Phonix HRM recreates the much sought after Dumble™ HRM overdrive tone that pushed the tweaked Overdrive Special Amplifier into stardom. Amongst the limited amount of ODS amplifiers produced by the legendary amp maker, a handful were armed with EL-34 power amp tubes rather than the 6L6 tubes found in most ODS amps.  This gives the HRM edition of the Ultraphonix a quintessentially British voicing and EQ shift compared to the original version. The “Master” control determines the total output of the pedal. The “Volume” control adjusts how hard the pedal’s preamp is working, giving you more control over the amount of gain coming from the preamp. Turn up the “Accent” control to increase presence and slowly introduce more saturation into your signal. The “Ratio” control allows you to blend your distorted and clean signal, and the “Tone” knob allows you to accentuate different upper-mid frequencies, ranging from 800-1.6k Hz.

Spruce Effects - Arborist


The @spruceeffects Arborist. Great full range overdrive. I believe they are having a sale at the moment, check it out!🌲


The Arborist was born as the silicon side of the former Giganteum Drive, offering excellent discrete transistor tones in the same package as our Germanium boost. We've repackaged the circuit in a familiar top-mount jack and slim enclosure for more pedalboard friendly use. The Arborist is a perfectly balanced medium gain drive pedal that is mostly happy pushing your tube amp into sweet overdrive or as a tone shaping tool in drive stacking. You can dial the gain all the way back and use the loads of gain on tap with the volume control to annihilate the front end of your amp. Dial the volume back and turn the gain control up to get that sweet, sweet transistor overdrive. The tone control is wired in classic Spruce Effects fashion, with thin and trebly CCW, and beefy and low-end heavy on the CW side. Use the fat toggle to add low-mids in to perfectly match your guitar and amp needs. 

  • Switchcraft Jacks
  • True Bypass
  • Enclosure printed and drilled in the USA
  • Hand wired and assembled in California
  • Standard negative ground power 


  • Top-mounted jacks, input on right, output on left
  • True-bypass stomp switch is on/off, indicated by LED
  • "Volume" controls the amount of output (a lot)
  • "Gain" controls the gain of the dual transistor stages for tube-amp like overdrive at reasonable volumes
  • "Tone" is a low-pass filter
  • The "fat" toggle switch adds low-mids back in for even more beef when you need it

Orbital Overdrives - T3 Overdrive

The @orbitaloverdrives T3 Overdrive. Somewhere along the lines of a Timmy mixed with a Bluesbreaker, this one fits right into my collection. Adam’s got a good ear and this one sounds amazing!🖤🎛👌


Remember electron orbitals from High School Chemistry? High energy orbitals like F Orbitals can be interpreted to have complex 3-D geometry. This shape on the Orbital Overdrives T3 Overdrive is one such high structure geometry that aesthetically inspired this pedal. And is also where the name T3 came from.

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