The Good People - The Greater Good

Ville Saarni
Ville Saarni Music Reviews

For the friends of: Jurassic 5, De La Soul, Del The Funky Homosapien
Genre: boom-bap, old school hip hop
Year: 2021
Country: US
Favorite track(s): 'No Sweat', 'Ace & Two Kings' and 'Nuthin' Left'
Emoji: 🧢
Random words: breakdance battle


One of my favorite recent boom-bap acts 'The Good People' released another great hip hop album. Like always, they make you smile while thinking about some bigger circles that are going on in the World. If you have been following 'The Good People' this album does not offer many surprises. They do what they do at their best. Very solid boom-bap beats, great flow and nicely picked featuring artists.

The album is slightly too long, most probably feeling like that since pretty much all tracks are almost the same bpm. But nevertheless, I've been still giving many repeats to the album. Don't forget to check their special track for the 'Banging Pots' campaign, 'Drawn Lines'. You will find it on YouTube and SoundCloud.


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