The Good People & Milkcrate - Frost Writtens

Ville Saarni
Ville Saarni Music Reviews

For the friends of: De La Soul, Jurassic 5 and MF Doom
Genre: boom bap, old school hip hop
Country: USA
Year: 2021
Favorite track(s): "'Challenges To Succes", "My People" and "New Rules"
Emoji: 🧢
Random words: city streets

Well, what is there to say? The Good People did it again. The Brooklyn-based hip hop duo released a new EP produced Milkcrate a few months ago and again, it is full of brilliant beats, flow, and a good atmosphere.

This time some tracks are not so laid-back like what 'The Good People' normally serves, but rather melancholic. But there are still a couple of tracks bringing good summer vibes to the listener. This EP is just super pleasant, all tracks are worth listening to and it could even include some of the best "The Good People" tracks I have ever heard.


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Listen to "Frost Writtens"

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