Record, Release & Promote Music - A Complete Guide


We've teamed up with some of the most influential producers, promotion specialists and artists of the industry to bring you the complete guide on how to Record, Release & Promote Music.


The guide will share information about:


  • DIY music recording: Plugins and tips for your recording sessions by professionals

  • Music Gear: Everything you need for a radio-friendly produced album/single

  • Treat Your Room: Turn your room into an acoustic treated home studio

  • Plugins: What should you buy and the free alternatives to the best plugins

  • Save Your Recording: Ways to polish your tracks according to music producers

  • Music Software: Info about the most popular DAWs and their free/cheap alternatives

Creating Content

  • Fast Content: Ways of creating content for your pages in under 5 minutes

  • Photography Sessions: How to take professional photos for your release

  • Pictures: Find royalty-free pictures easily

  • Adapt And Create: Follow the industry's best ways of creating content everywhere

  • Social Media Mistakes: What to avoid when posting about your music

  • SEO: Learn how to create SEO content

  • Hashtags: Learn how to use hashtags and geotagging